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A trip down memory lane with a few vanilla D3 controversies sheds light on D4’s heavy community emphasis.

diablo18 - A trip down memory lane with a few vanilla D3 controversies sheds light on D4's heavy community emphasis.

There was so much fiery drama and controversy during the Jay Wilson D3 era, you can't help but think Blizzard looked in that rear-view mirror and said "Good lord did all that really happen? Let's see if we can avoid having our director get death threats this time".

And sure enough, there really was some crazy stuff that went on. Like that Brevik-Wilson fiasco that came out of nowhere. With many games you would have the previous version's team hyping up and promoting the next version but with D2 and D3 you had Wilson saying "F..k that loser" to Brevik and Brevik basically calling D3's team a bunch of scrubs that don't understand ARPGs or loot systems. Brevik needed to hype his new Marvel game and Jay kind of took the bait and didn't handle it well. In particular, saying F that loser alienated much of the community on a personal level. It would have been better if he just argued Brevik's comments on their merit. Wilson even got death threats from some in the community later on.

And then you had all the controversy around RMAH, people using RMAH more frequently than actually playing the game. Some making $1000's flipping items on RMAH. The massive 2013 gold exploit tanking the economy at some point,

, multiple lawsuits, and South Korea initially banning D3 if it included RMAH because of their gambling laws on real money transactions, etc.

And the deal with online-only – they really needed to set expectations and make sure everyone understood that offline just wasn't happening. A lawsuit based in France was brought against Blizzard because of online-only and it quickly became clear they needed giant red letters ONLINE-ONLY for packaging. You had so many D2 players used to both offline and online and suddenly boom you're online-only. Not to mention the launch issues with the servers being completely overwhelmed and players being unable to even play. Online is needed – it's needed for competitive ladders, putting the kibosh on modding, piracy, etc. But going cold turkey at launch with no offline was bound for trouble. The console version finally provided both offline and modding but this was years down the road and consoles aren't PCs.

And then there was the promise of meaninhful PvP and not delivering, the very early need for loot 2.0 because itemization wasn't what was expected and people were pissed, Bashiok's bizarre initial denial that Kripp had the world-first HC clear, so many things just seemed to give the middle-finger to the community.

And you can go on and on with other issues but the point is that Blizzard clearly doesn't want a repeat of all that D3 drama and the new D4 team is making a huge effort of collaborating with the community, respecting feedback, being transparent, and setting expectations. Subjective, but D4 should turn out just fine.

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