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A “World of Diablo” (A thought game)

diablo17 - A "World of Diablo" (A thought game)

Hello, folks.

I am curious and would like to know your opinions on the following question (or to encourage a disskusion on the subject).

With the ever decreasing number of users of world of warcraft in mind and the fact that the game has come a long way in the meantime – Do you think it would be possible for blizzard to release a "World of Diablo" to build on the financial success of WoW back then and at the same time make something new about the Diablo IP?

In this post we just assume that there is a WoD.

The following questions to you:

1, Could you make friends with a mmo-system in the Diablo setting?

2, Can you imagine a subscription system like WoW?

3, What "art style" would you like for it? More colorful like WoW and D3 or dark like D1 (maybe also D2)?

4, Should a WoD be so gloomy, brutal and bloody that it should have an age restriction? Or would you prefer a "lighter" version that abandons the above mentioned points as far as children could play it?

5, Should a WoD keep the isometric camera guidance of the previous games or would you prefer a 3rd person view like in WoW?

6, Should a WoD contain an AH system like WoW?

7, Would you like to have activities for large groups for a WoD? (examples from WoW: world bosses, 40 man raids).

8, Which points I didn't mention here would be important in your opinion to make a WoD interesting for players in the long run?

Thank you very much for reading my questions and i am looking forward to your contribution

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