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About WD Builds S19 (can jade be as competitive as Zuni Dod?)

diablo20 - About WD Builds S19 (can jade be as competitive as Zuni Dod?)

TL;DR: How to survive as Zuni Carnival DoD? I do a LOT of damage, I can oneshot anything, but I also get oneshot by every single arrow, even when properly stacked with all buffs and damage reductions. I gave a shot to jade harvest build and it feels incredibly better. It does way less damage, but it is way tankier too. On icyveins it is tagged as "top tier", the same tag both versions of zuni dod have. But when I checked the solo GR rankings, the first 15 spots were all using zuni dod. So I gotta ask: can jade harvest be as competitive as zuni? Or maybe it is a little weaker, even though both could be considered top tier in comparison to the rest?

Hey there, everyone! I started playing Diablo 3 with a friend 4 days ago, I am playing as a WD and he is playing as a barbarian. I know that witch doctors are on a bad spot at the moment but I really liked the class concept so I chose to stick with it. So far, we have reached a paragon level of ~620.

I checked the solo rift rankings and saw that all the top ranked guys use the same Zuni DoD build that is tagged as "top-tier" on icyveins (be it the LoN or the set versions). I managed to get all the equips but I feel squishy as hell, even with 5 royal red gems on equips + 5 stacks of soul harvest + horrify rune armor buff + 18 total fetishs I still very frequently get one-shot by a single arrow on my current Great Rift (GR90, IIRC). How do they manage to survive with these same equips? I know they have way better min-maxed equips and lots of paragon levels but there is also a big difference between our rift difficulties, right? I have also played the jade harvest build and it feels incredibly better, it does way less damage (zuni dod basically oneshots everything that I use a mana spender on) but it also feels way tankier, basically unkillable when properly managing invulnerability times. If I ever die, I know it was my fault for not using all the given tools properly.


I also find jade harvest way more fun because I don't completely NEED to wait for a cooldown to kill something. As Zuni DoD, you either do 0 damage or 1 bazillion damage after hitting a mana spender (namely piranhado). I know that in this build the cooldown is reduced for every kill, but very often you can't get a full refresh, so I find myself waiting for the skill to come back (or either carry a pocket mana spender, namely haunt, to use on those occasions). I tried searching for some videos and noticed people usually lure half of the map before attacking, that definitely helps and makes it more enjoyable. What I don't understand is how is that even possible? How do they survive? With Jade Harvest I was indeed able to walk through mobs, but, as already mentioned, I definitely never could tank 2 hits in a row.

Oh, I also have a few questions about "duoing". Do people usually spread or walk together? Are roles important for duos or are we ok with 2 dpsers?

Edit: I really like soul harvest, so I thought about adding lakumba's ornament + sacred harvester in exchange for aughild bracers + echoing fury (cubed). And then maybe replace the, now useless, aughild shoulders for pauldrons of the skeleton king. But the guide didn't mention anything and no one on the rankings seemed to use it so I guess it is worse for some reason? If it is indeed a good idea, should I cube the DoD and use the sacred harvester instead?

Thanks in advance!!

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