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Activision Blizzard mobilizes. What do you think it means for the future of Diablo and all games in general?

diablo2 - Activision Blizzard mobilizes. What do you think it means for the future of Diablo and all games in general?

This is obviously a hard topic, and I expect I'll get some people angry, even tho I personally don't like mobile games just as much.. but well here we go anyway.

Tons of Mobile games are coming. More then a year ago, Bobby Kotick himself said that they want to bring ALL of their IPs to mobile and remaster some of them. "ALL" – This means things like SC:Mobile will happen at some point. Recently, Blizzard confirmed "multiple" mobile WoW experiences in advanced development during their investors call.

Whether we like it or not, Mobile is taking over. Mobile gamers spend so much money on MTX that companies are starting to shift their focus. And it's hard to blame them, the main goal of people who run those companies is to make as much money as possible after all. I might not like it but we need to be realistic. The quality bar for mobile games is extremely low compared to PCs and Consoles. Mobile market accepts every kind of monetization.

So basically, I just want to let you guys know that as much as I hate mobile games personally, I don't want to see another surprised Pikachu Face outrage whenever they'll announce all those Mobile games officially. Even D:I was obviously going to happen – what was surprising to me is that people knew back then that D4 is also being developed and even Blizzard tried to tell us that before D:I was announced. And people were outraged because they thought D:I is the only Diablo being developed.


In any case – I don't like where gaming is going. But I don't want to see the community surprised again as if it wasn't obvious that all those mobile games are on the way. I don't like mobile games in just about every aspect. The worst part is ofc the mtx, low quality etc but I'll be honest – even if they released a Witcher 3 level of quality game on mobile I wouldn't play it because playing on a phone is simply uncomfortable to me.

How do you guys feel about the shift in the gaming industry and what do you think it means for the far future of Diablo and other IPs? I think 10-20 years from now we're still going to get just as many PC games as we are getting now, but they will be more monetized (Look at recent Assassin's Creed games for example) and accompanied by a lot of relatively easy and cheap to make Mobile games. I'm not afraid that in the far future Blizzard and other companies will stop making PC games completely, but I do think the influence of mobile market will cause mobile practices to sink into PC and Console releases, and companies will be trying to slowly normalize mobile-like monetization systemsas well as all the live service stuff and monetization/economy we can see in Activision's CoD.

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