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ADA power system (suggestion)

diablo10 - ADA power system (suggestion)

First of all have to say that I love that Blizz is getting away from the "traditional" Str/Dex/Int/Vit system, and on top of that having the will to try something new/different (perhaps/probably even better). So, having some thoughts about the former (now scrapped ?) ADA power system I'd like to suggest it's return and again reconsider.. BUT, this time with a higher purpose than "one item unlocks another", sure, have that same (unlock extra affix at certain threshold bonus) functionality but not as the primary reason to re/use the system again

Namely will start from the very basic claim that the Diablo 4 devs said at their earliest introduction (see image 1)

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They clearly said/stated their purpose, Angelic Power is designed to empower buffs & blesses, Demonic Power is designed to empower debuffs/curses, and Ancestral Power is intended to increase proc-chances.. However, I also have a feeling that they think it's not enough so might be one of the reason for abandon

Think there's a better way to do it but first would have to introduce a new primary stat (not just stat in terms of number, but actual/active bar to look at). It's like reverse from the stagger bar from bosses (naturally increases when not hit, gets reduced when hit, when empty you're staggered/dazed until filled up to certain amount minimum and wake), and yes, for the sake of simpicity let's call it Stamina (again :P). This would serve a double purpose – not only basic survival wouldn't be solely based upon RNG procs (things like chance to block, chance to dodge, chance to crit with a lifesteal, e.t.c.), but ALSO you have a living proof of WHEN you're about to get "cornered" 😀

That being said now we have 3 (just as amount of powers) bars to look at during/out-of combat, having said that, now we can look into the complete-ish version of an ADA system.

Another thing I'd like to suggest is that – since the ADA is the new primary/attribute system (or was supposed to be at least), make it char-level investable (3 per level, 40 levels, 120 total from leveling, some items might add some extra as well)The (new) ADA system would affect almost everything:

  • Basic Stats (Angelic increases HP, Demonic increases Resource/Mana, Ancestral increases Stamina)
  • The primary "bars" (Angelic increases natural regen rates, Demonic increases per-hit-return rates, Ancestral increases drain/sunder rates)
  • Item affixes (same as above, things that are hit-effects get increased by chance from Ancestral, buff rates and durations get increased by Angelic, and curse/debuff rates/durations get increased by Demonic) powers

Here's a sample of item and how it can get affected by this new system:


  • 500 ATK
  • 15-50 fire damage
  • returns 5 life per hit
  • sunder 5 mana per hit
  • 5% to reduce target’s phisycal armor by 10% for 2 seconds
  • 5% chance to increase attack speed by 5% for 2 seconds

First thing that would come to everyone's mind is: why are this item's numbers so low ?, what kind of garbo item is this ?. Well THAT's where the ADA (primary attribute) system comes in. Remember what was said above ?, Angelic increases buff rates/durations, Demonic increases curse/debuff rates/durations, and ancestral increases proc-rates.. In order to keep it simple let's make it multiplier instead i.e. each A/D/A power affix on your character increases it's own multiplier by 4% per ADA point in your character (ranging up to 480%, i.e. 580% because starting from 100% :P)



  • 500 ATK
  • 15-50 fire damage
  • returns 5 life per hit gets multiplied by Demonic-multiplier rate, 4% per stat, so if having 120 Demonic Power, this stat would be 29 lph (stat * (1 + 480% multiplier))>
  • 5% to sunder 5 mana per hit gets multiplied by Ancestral, so if having 120 Ancestral Power, this stat would be 29% chance to sunder 29 mana per hit instead (stat * (1 + 480% multiplier))>
  • 5% to reduce target’s phisycal armor by 10% for 2 seconds chance-to-proc gets multiplied by Ancestral, but the armor reduction bonus/duration is a demonic-power affix type, based upon personal character type choice values range between high-chance & low-value/duration or vice-versa, i.e. 5% for 58%/11.6 sec or 29% for 10%/5 sec>(hint: obviously some talents/items can alternate curse/debuff durations of type like this or increase proc-rate chances, therefore the choice impact comes from outside, i.e. talents and other items in gear)
  • 5% chance to increase attack speed by 5% for 2 seconds

Here's another item example:

The Resonator

  • +5 Demonic Power
  • +10% Resource regen rate multiplied by Angelic, up to 58%>
  • Hit-effects reduce target’s damage by 5% for 2 seconds multiplied by Demonic, i.e. just a debuff effect, affix isn't a proc-chance, though on other items in your gear certainly would have that and would get affected by Ancestral instead>
  • DoA/AoE skills and spells have radius/damage reduced by 20% but last as long as effectively doing damage (doesn't stack)

There's also a way to make the ADA system impact skills as well, instead of giving 3 (upgradeable) passives or whatever to a skill, make them investable by A/D/A.. For example

Charged Bolt:

  • Angelic affix: 3%/6%/10%/15%/20% to cast a lightning barrier of 15%/25%/35%/50%/75% damage done per cast
  • Demonic affix: 3%/6%/10%/15%/20% to cast a lightning coil above the target which will reduce 3%/4%/5%/6%/8% target’s lightning resistance per tick for 5 seconds
  • Ancestral affix: 3%/4%/5%/6%/8% to knock target back and blind for 5 seconds


  • Angelic affix: 5%/8%/10%/15%/25% chance for a defensive skill/ability to multicast on nearby targets in the next 5 seconds
  • Demonic affix: 15% chance for the Earthspike to reduce target’s CC reduction by 20/40/60/80/100%
  • Ancestral affix: 5%/10%/15%/20%/30% for the spike to remain as an unpassable terrain for the next 3 seconds

SO, the catch in this one is – whenever you want to invest ADA points into your skill, you lose on BASIC character stats (HP/Resource/Stamina, Regen/Per-Hit-Return/Sunder multipliers, item-affix multipliers as well), BUT, those sound/look juicy bonuses to have, don't they ?, so WILL you do that ?.. I mean who knows, maybe some folk would level up every affix for every skill max and play the character with paper-like basic-stats

So that's it, the original post can be found here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/ada-power-system-complete-context-suggestion/22609

So, what you think ?, worth reconsider using the ADA ? 🙂

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