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Advanced Cube Guide – Gear a Second Character Easy (Written / Video [60mins])““““““

diablo10 - Advanced Cube Guide - Gear a Second Character Easy (Written / Video [60mins])````````````

You just made a second, third, or fourth character and you got power leveled in 25 minutes by a clan mate.

Time to stand at the entrance of a GR and TP to the loot every 5 minutes for the next few days until fully geared am I right?

or… Time to die over and over again in t16 rifts desperately trying to pick up loot, only to have the rift close with 3 legendaries and one set item on the map. dang it.

Maybe for the next week or so you could spend all your Bloodshards on your new character?

Isn't that all a bit lazy? Aren't you just wasting time for you clan mates and holding your friends back? Especially that last one, making them wait while you spend shards.

This is a written guide, meant to walk newer or experienced players through the process of fully gearing an alt character by upgrading rares to legendary. It takes less than an hour to do.

I started this season as a Wizard, and used this method to gear a Multishot DH, A Zbarb / Immortal Kings Hota Barb, and a Znecro, and a Rathma Necro (not the LON build, I just did rathma to get the 75 done, which I do not recommend. It's squishy!!)

Before we get started in the written guide, here is a link to the YouTube video of me creating a full build in one sitting. It runs just a bit under an hour.

I explain in detail why I'm making certain choices and show gameplay in a t16 rift at the end. I know an hour is an eternity for a YouTube Diablo 3 video, but I felt like it was necessary to show it can be done. Without the video this is just a theory y'know?

Also I love making videos! So here it is:


You want to start out with at least 3,000+ DBs and 7k-9k Yellow / Blue / White crafting materials.

Have bounty materials from one round of bounties on t13 and higher, or one challenge rift cache.

There should be items you already found on your main character or on the ground in public games – Including one or two set items for the set you intend to build. Depends on if you planned ahead.

For example:

Common items can be used for diffrent classes.

Wizard – The Furnace, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Convention of Elements.

Demon Hunter – Aquila Curass, and Witching Hour.

ZNecro – Gloves of Worship, Leorics Crown, Stormshield, Ingeom.

Damage Dealing Rings / Amulet: Traveler's Pledge / Compass Rose, Focus and Restraint.

etc… These are all items you could have found on any class. At the start of a season I usually save these types of items to use on my next characters.

The recipes I use the most when building a character are:

Extract Legendary Item – One of each bounty material and 5x Death's Breath.

Upgrade Rare Item – 50x Yellow / White / Blue and 25x Death's Breath.

Convert Reusable Parts / Arcane Dust / Veiled Crystals – One Death's Breath, 100 of the material you want to get rid of, and one piece of gear that is the color of the material you want to gain 100.

Convert Set Item – One set item, 10 Death's Breath, 10 Forgotten Souls.

Reforge Legendary – One legendary item you wish to destroy and get a new one with all differnt stats, Five of each bounty material, 50x Forgotten souls.

Now for the process of actually upgrading the rares to legendary, to complete a full build. You'll need to set aside about 30-60 minutes to make the full build, depends on if you know what items you are looking for / have a build guide you can alt+tab to.

  1. If you're starting out with a bag full of Bloodshards: Gamble for set items that you don't already have (you may have recieved one in a public game or from a friend).
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If you have duplicates of say the chest, then use the recipe to convert set item, so you have two different pieces, narrowing down your target for bloodshards.

Spend the Bloodshards to get a set item or offhand. Both are cheap from kadala.

If you don't get the item you want, upgrade the yellow items in the cube. It's basically free yellow items that you didn't have to craft at the Blacksmith to get a bit of a boost to your crafting process.

  1. Craft items at the Blacksmith and upgrade rares. Do this until you have all base items for the build. Stats do not matter at this point.

This is the bulk of what you will be doing. to make the build.

You need the 6 set / suppporting items for the build.

Target each individual set item until you have the full six set.

2a. Start with helm (for example). Craft about 4-7 level 70 yellow helms, then use the recipe to upgrade rare in cube.

If you get the helm in the set you want to play, save it in the stash. If you didn't get it, craft 4-7 more helms in the cube and upgrade those.


Repeat this process until you have the correct set item. This is better than filling your inventory with 20 helms, because chances are it won't take 20 to get it. And you don't want to run out of Veiled Crystals or Arcane Dust.

2b. Now that you have the helm for the set, Start upgrading shoulders (for example) until you get the shoulder of the set you are going for.

2c. Continue upgrading to get the full six set and supporting legendary items (for example weapons or cube items). Every single item for the build.

  1. (Maybe) If you run out of materials and didn't get your damage reduction item, or feel like being lazy. You can use two Unity rings that you already have from your main character.

For example, the damage reuduction item for Wizard is Halo of Karini, but if you already have two Unity rings…

You can wear or cube one, and equip your follower with one. Then craft a follower token and upgrade rares to get the "follower cannot die" token.

Unity is useless in groups though, and can cause more damage coming in if some one else in group is wearing one. So best not use it in groups.

So if you have enough materials, go ahead and craft your optimal damage reduction item.

  1. Time to wrap things up with the build.

You should have at least 15 of all bounty materials. Be smart with how you use these, or you'll have to run more bounties.

If you have a Traveler's Pledge / Compass Rose or Focus / Restraint, and they have the wrong main stats, Use two Reforges. One reforge for each item – just to get the main stat you need.

One Reforge for Traveler's Pledge, one reforge for Compass Rose. or One reforge for Focus, one reforge for Restraint. You get what you get.

The rest of the bounty materials are used to extract your three cube items. One of each material is required to cube.

If you don't need to reforge to get your main stat, You can save these for either two chances at an ancient weapon, or to fix wrong stats on items.

In example you might have a useless stat on an item like life regen. You can use one of your reforges to try to get better stats like All Resist.

  1. Use remaining Death's Breath, and you might have to farm more for this, but enchant all your items at the Mystic.
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In the case of a Vyr's Wizard, Condemn Crusader or any CDR heavy build, you want to prioritize Cooldown Reduction on all items, even over extra damage.

Eventully you can replace your starter gear with better items with both Crit Chance, Crit Hit Damage and CDR.

Get the base enchant first and move on to the next item, before going back to get the perfect roll. or you will run out of mats.

For example get 5% CDR, 30% CHD, etc. and move on to the next item before going back to get 8% CDR 50% CHD.

Congrats! If you didn't run out of materials, you could quite possibly have a fully functioning character, capable of holding your own in t16 and beyond!

The first thing I usually do when I have a build made is run a GR 75 to unlock public t16 games. If the GR was super easy and I understand the build: Why not push as high as possible on the clan leaderboard?

People will be like, "wait didn't I just PL your character an hour ago? And now you're ahead of me?"

lol jk.

Next goal would be to get a Duplicate weapon to reforge for an ancient one.

Can either play your chacter until it drops, or if you have enough materials, you could upgrade rares to get it.

I do not recommend reforging your only weapon to get ancient if you only have one of them. An ancient weapon is in theory only 3-4 GR Tiers increase. (They are usally 30% more damage potional than a non ancient).

Before I end the guide, I have just a couple useful tips I wanted to add:

You can save your build in the armory with legendary gems in it, then remove the legendary gems before logging out of one character and put them in your stash. So you can equip it on your alt.

Your new character will most likely use one or two gems that your main does not.

Level up all three gems to at least 25 to get the main bonus, before playing your new character

If one of your materials is lower than the others, you can use the cube to convert materials into other colors.

For example if you have the least Arcane Dust and the most Reusable Parts, you can go to the cube recipe "convert Reusable Parts".

Place a blue item in the cube, hit fill, hit transmute, and you will convert 100 Reusable Parts into 100 arcane dust.

To get a blue item – Buy blue items from Vendors in town. In New Tristram (Act 1) There is a vendor to the left and slightly behind the Slaughtered Calf Inn.

To get White items – Go to Battlefields of Eternity (act 5) and click on armor racks and they will drop white items.

To get Yellow items – Craft yellow rings at the Jeweler in town.

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