Diablo 3

Alternate Season Start Leveling for HC (w/ Custerians)

diablo1 - Alternate Season Start Leveling for HC (w/ Custerians)

Video to level 53, with only one thirty second edit. (Mainly due to uploading speed. After 53, just use standard leveling techniques).

Granted, this requires luck with Custerian's off of Kadala, but according to


they are a fairly common chance. I didn't get lucky here, so I just used my cube to simulate them, but the points the same.

The purpose here is, it's common knowledge that the fast groups don't use custerian wristguards. What I'm demonstrating here, is that it's possible to get sub 90 minutes to level 70, in hardcore.


Also, it's for group play (preferably 2-3 players), and seeing how it's the end of the season, plus how many people play hardcore to begin with, I ended up having to lose out on group member xp and other players searching for cursed chests.

This video uses a slight variation of the cursed chest searching, using low level characters to generate new games, which provide decent massacre bonus xp in an extremely safe environment, up until the mid 30s, where you can roll custerian wristguards.

It was mainly yesterday, when playing with a guildmate, testing some stuff out, that I managed to hit level 39 in 35 minutes, from character creation, in hardcore, which is around what experienced players get, using Halls of Agony 1 traps, which is not a viable tactic for hardcore.

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