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diablo2 - "Am I Alone Here..."

In this frontier with the Bash-A-LoD crusader, that it needs a bit more love to shine?

Adopting our style

I get the feeling that the legendary items involving Shield Bash, Shield Glare and Iron Skin could be more rewarding if they were to receive a twist here or there. I'm not into direct damage upgrading so I'm not advising that. I find the diversity of delivery to be more to my liking and satisfying, especially when (or if) the morphing skills of those classes that currently dictate too much of the direct damage reduction from opponents are forced optional.

I think damage reduction (in certain fixed and flexible amounts, utility styles, taking advantage of concepts like diminishing returns and phasing, trajectory, exchange even etc.) should come from multiple fluctuating and flexible enough sources to make many more attack, crowd control (even endurance thorough regeneration) and second wind skills viable, and more interesting.

Closely related issue

I'm trying to make builds that don't utilise morphing skills because I don't like how they force their looks upon those who don't have options at the damage reduction front at this "pre-paragon god" (paragons bloat the assembly of builds by stretching grind) phase of the game. I've had enough of them so I am thrilled with the thought that in the next game the Super Sayan, Walking Armor, Bonebag, Mister Game n' Watch, Miss Havoc, Lazertaser and Ugabuga in these respective, but hopefully all terrifyingly twisted forms are probably going to become our foes (hyped!). However, it would be great if more of us (if not all of us) would be able to assemble those builds we really yearn to play – before boredom – before paragons. Getting over thousandths of points in order to keep our characters in their cosmetic forms for the time fitting us the most, and therefore also pleasing us in this specific department, are sadly not reasonable to me imo.


Giving me different classes is great. Giving me different builds to assemble, to tweak the given classes, from which I seek into directions that I find pleasing, is even better. Giving me the latter after 1k hours of grind, due "pride and achievement" type of reasons or merely because my taste differs around one single skill, is not reasonable. To be accurate, one single skill isn't the end of my world, but after thousands of hours of mere grind over matter – it is sadly possible that it can be the end of this world and I don't want to depart without the yearning and nostalgia to come back to my beloved franchise's third installment like I have for Diablo 1 (and 2). Pure unpolished and unregulated grind is the enemy of creativity; for whenever rewarded, such brings about lazy-low business interest and slowly turns establishments into casinos whenever they begin to monetise the grind deep enough. Make no mistakes here though. I love casinos, when they are properly respecting their customers and customers are properly respecting them.


I'm not saying that there should be nothing to grind for, because in reality this also is true; in a fair simplicity driven minimum that is. Field of sports is a good enough example. I'm saying that there should be equally fair ways to farm the bloating side of grind away (to curve it if you will; beyond sports), because in reality this is true as well and dare I say – resplendently more satisfying to some of us. However, due some reasons made, around some digital mediums, some of their features don't have the same capacity to offer fair opportunity for each sub-feature to shine even in the race of sports. For example the morphing skills of some classes in Diablo 3 are way too represented because the gradually approached and crossed endgame and meta breakpoints happen to favor of them; leaving us the one and only way to replace them, ie. to grind paragon points (if or when this helps).

Do I think this is reasonable as an idea? Yes. Do I think it is reasonable in this practical state of the game in question? Can't say for sure coz I don't have that deep insight. However, if it is… To some of us, the announcement of such patch would be like celebrating Christmas, but with the exception that the Santa actually becomes real, waiting behind your door to meet you and give you that present you always wanted as a child.

My two cents. 🖖🏻😁

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