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Am I overly cynical in hoping that Diablo: Immortal will be a massive flop?

diablo3 - Am I overly cynical in hoping that Diablo: Immortal will be a massive flop?

Now, hear me out. I LOVE Diablo, I've played it on PC since 98 and have bern a huge fan of the series ever since. I own it on PC, Xbox, PS4, and I also bought the collector's edition Switch solely for it and nothing else. I guess you could call me a fanboy?

When D3 released, I quit a pretty decent career in WoW to focus on it. I relinquished my spot as GM of a fairly productive raid guild (at the time) to devote my time to playing the game that pulled me into the PC gaming world. I didn't look back. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, every slash, every kill in Diablo. I played consistently up until Rise Of The Necromancer. Then, the worst happened…..I got bored. I tried to keep running a seasonal hero but rinsing and repeating wasn't doing much to help the bordem.

Diablo isn't the only game I play. I enjoy Overwatch, Warhammer, War Thunder, and several others. Diablo isn't a constant like it used to be. It went from being my number played game to one of my least and I hate that.

Each year, when Blizzcon came around, I thought "this is where some new content or game will be announced". This past one (2018) left a sour taste in my mouth. The technical difficulties they had from the start were terrible. I held on. This was the year.

Nope. Massive disappointment. I was amazed at how badly the Diablo stage and crew with handled the announcement. "Do you guys not have phones?" is them essentially saying "stfu and buy our product". No thanks. I'll spend my money elsewhere.


I see no other reason for a mobile version of Diablo except for a cash grab put together by Activision. The Switch brought it to a handheld platform. If anything, the content of Immortal should have been the Nintendo version (imo). With that being said, I hope it is a commercial failure.

When the community has been asking for something new for the game for a long time and then proceed to go in the worst possible direction, and then have the nerve to get upset at the consumer because they think it's a bad product….no. You don't deserve the loyalty of the Diablo community in my opinion

Keep in mind that this is my opinion and I don't speak for everyone who plays Diablo. I have several friends who want to try it but I can't bring myself to get on board with it. Mobile gaming is a terrible platform

Edit: I'll clarify something, I'm in no way, shape, or form wishing a Blizzard product does poorly. I know there are repercussions to that in a business. My annoyance for this project is the way Blizzard handled it at Blizzcon and that's what made me cynical about it. If it ends up being a good investment, sweet! Toss some money into more Diablo products. If it doesn't, maybe go back to listening to the customer base. There's no reason for people to be uncivilized in this thread and have an adult conversation. This is just the opinion of someone on the internet after all

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