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Another feedback based in what we saw on System design post part II

diablo6 - Another feedback based in what we saw on System design post part II

So here is my ideas/ thoughts on the System design post.

I have labeled my thoughts as they were labeled on the post.


I like the idea of locking some stats from an item behind a stat cap and not locking the whole item from the player. But I feel like with angelic/demonic/ancestral power they need to exclude each other. Feels wrong to be ancelic and demonic at the same time. So I present a new idea with the stats that don't need to exclude the other stat. Physique, finesse and spirit.

So the idea behind my thinking is that every class would benefit in different ways from these stats. For example magic users want to boost their spirit to utilize the stat that would benefit their casting, but melee users would also want these to boost their self buffs. Physique would be stat for melee users but would also boost the survivability for magic users and agile character. Finesse would be stat for rogue like chracters but would also reduce the negative effects on the character. All the stats would be good on every character. Powers, as they are in system design post currently, are needed only for certain type of builds when you look at the passive stats that they give.

Attack and defense

Moving defense and attack to item where they make sense is a good thing, but these start are still too simple IMO. I'd divide the defense to each element (physical/Fire/magic/ etc.) or make defense affect only phyical damage (might already affect only that) and give resistance % with affixes like they were in diablo 2. if the defense applies only to physical damage, then I think the system is fine.

Simply having attack as a stat on a weapon is a poor choice. I liked the diablo 3 system of giving the weapons raw dps to player as a directional guideline, but giving people who want to decide whether to choose to do more attacks per second with lower damage or hit like a truck with those couple of attacks you are doing in a second. This is the info needed if you are planning to do a build with on-hit effects and min-maxers would want to know these. Having a simple system for a guideline is good, but that being the only system is too shallow.


Legendary affixes to rares

This is the biggest no-no for me. Legendaries should be unique. Legendary items need their own identity via the legendary power or giving some stat that would not usually be rooled on that itme slot and theyshould be "Hand-crafted" items that do not follow the general D3 styled 4 primary affixes, one secondary and legendary power. Rares should outclass legendary items with raw stats that they give. Turning rares to legendaries is not good. This system also leaves magical items still useless.

I think that Normal/socketed items should be bases for crafting, magical items would have a highest roll on max 2 stats and with magical items you could fill a lack of certain stat by equipping magical item on a simple slot and sacrificeother stats that could come from the rare. Rares should be the general target to very character. Good all around items that will get you going thru the game with right rolls on those items. Legenradies should only be wanted if you want to make a custom build around that item's legenrady power. And also in that case you would be sacrificing those all those stats from rares. This should come with a little cost that you can't get all the same stats on a rare, because otherwise you'd want to fill all the item slots with legendaries that your build doesn't even really use.

Maybe those mythical items could be Rares with legendary powers added to them and you could have just one of those in order to keep some balance with gearing.

Work D4 development team has done to listen and communicate with the people here has been amazing and I like the way they are going by taking the feedback. Thank you for listening us!

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