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Barbarian WW build guide: HC gr 90 avg time 3:15, t16 key farming avg time 1:58

diablo10 - Barbarian WW build guide: HC gr 90 avg time 3:15, t16 key farming avg time 1:58

It’s good for SC too, but as I almost exclusively play HC that’s the only place I’ve tested it.

I have 2200 paragon, all stat points are in str except for 25% ms ofc.

For t16 key runs, I did 10 in a row.

Avg time 1:58
picked up all db
picked up almost all legs

for GR 90 I did 10 consecutive runs:

  1. 2:45
  2. 3:00
  3. 3:20
  4. 4:39
  5. 2:59
  6. 3:15
  7. 2:55
  8. 2:52
  9. 3:46
  10. 2:55

avg time: 3:15


With 63% cdr and 4.44 aps breakpoint up entire rift except vs RG its really easy to just spam everything constantly. I’m easily able to keep up bravado and wotb 100% of the time against the RG even without pride of cassius.

For the t16 key runs I was pretty well optimized for speed, but still had morticks and all dps gems:

bk oath: 45%
marathon: 40%
chilaniks: 40%
wotb: 20%
bravado: 40%
echoing fury: 25%

For the GR 90 I replaced marathon with threatening shout-falter and used mantle of channeling instead of chilaniks in cube. Oh, and without marathon I was free to take out weapon master and put in ruthless in cube.

Build setup:

It’s been several days and I still can’t link my profile, so I’ll list gear and dps/toughness stats here:

Gear is the exact same for both types of runs, only difference is passives/cube, so I’ll talk about gear first, then passives and cube.


  1. weapon 1: bk oath – preferably with attack speed and cdr or ad
  2. weapon 2: bk oath – same as above
  3. 5 wotw set pieces in helm/chest/shoulders/gloves and either pants or boots. stat priority is cdr/ad/str/AR/vit. I’ve got pretty great rolls on most pieces but focused on cdr with no ad at all on gear right now.
  4. 2 capt crimson set pieces – belt and either boots or pants – same stat priority as #3 above.
  5. Bracers – morticks. Warzechians or nems are also ok, but as I use volcanic eruption, I gain double toughness plus get all my healing from morticks. Haven’t tried switching to blood funnel, but if you can give up the 16% dmg boost from volcanic eruption plus the doubled toughness from all wotb runes then these are certainly options.
  6. ring 1 – obsidian ring
  7. ring 2 – skull grasp – cc/cd/cdr/ad/avg dmg/str are all useful rolls here, take 3 of them. I’ve been gambling rings for nearly 300 hours of gameplay this season and still haven’t found a great one yet.
  8. amulet – squirts. fire %, cd, cc, cdr, str, ad – build defining item, but might take some work to get a really great one. I’m stuck using 10/99/8cdr/os one right now.

So, every single gear slot except boots/pants is set in stone, and those 2 you just get either capt crimson or wotw set piece, one of each.


My build that achieved the above stats has following:

3.9m fire dmg completely unbuffed
63.43 % cooldown
50% ad (so no ad on gear right now)

You want attack speed on weapons and obsidian ring only – cant hit 5 bp with ef buff up unless you drop bott, which isn’t ideal for speed builds like this, so dont get any attack speed on gear except weapons and obsidian ring.


for t16/super speeds I have cubed:

weapon – Echoing Fury
armor – chilaniks chain
jewelry – rorg – could wear a great rorg and cube skull grasp too, but eventually you can just get much better rolls on a skull grasp than you ever can on an rorg.

t16 speed runs passives:
nerves of steel
boon of bul kathos
weapon master – I’ve tried ditching this for ruthless but kept running out of fury after spamming too much marthon.

t16 skills:

  1. ignore pain -bravado – spammed constantly
  2. wotb – make sure it’s up 100%
  3. ww – volcanic eruption
  4. sprint – marthon
  5. lmb – battle rage – bloodshed
  6. rmb – war cry – impunity is normally what I use but have been using Charge! lately with great results.

with 25 rampage stacks plus bravado up I have 670 mil toughness, though tbh I dont stress much about toughness in a t16. I do proc every so often when I get careless but with experience you can run this build and never die even in HC.

GR 90 runs cube:

weapon: Echoing Fury
armor: mantle of channeling
jewelry: rorg

Gr 90 passives:

  1. nerves of steel
  2. rampage
  3. boon of bul kathos
  4. ruthless

Gr 90 skills:

  1. ignore pain – bravado
  2. wotb
  3. ww – volcanic eruption
  4. threatening shout – falter
  5. br – bloodshed
  6. war cry – impunity

with 25 rampage stacks and all buffs up I’m at 891m toughness, but bravado drops a lot during rifts unless I micro it vs lightning elites or the RG.

I'll link my profile when/if blizzard gets forums working again. Might be awhile…

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