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Blizzard, how about reconnecting with an apology?

diablo4 - Blizzard, how about reconnecting with an apology?

I originally posted it here, but sharing it here in case it gets buried with the feedback…


Not a small one, but a big one. Not just a community manager one, but those ones where the CEO apologizes (Hey, Morhaime used to do this).

The first step to reconnect with the community is to recognize your mistakes and take some actions. Stop the denial. It just makes you look even more disconnected.

Here's a list that may help you. Some may not agree with everything but I tried to capture my feelings and the community in general from what I've read.

  1. The damage control you tried to pull by uploading the unlisted video to YouTube. Admit it, it but was a bad and desperate move and won't happen again.

  2. The disrespect towards your most beloved fans: "don't you have phones". Just say it: you are humans and overreacted against the boos.

  3. The lack of respect towards Blizzcon goers. People take their precious and limited days off from work to have fun at Blizzcon and be the firsts to hear the updates of their favorite games. We from the Diablo community have been greeted with worthless updates for Diablo for the past 5 years. I know because I have physically attended the past Blizzcons only to return increasingly frustrated.

  4. The hype you created to announce a switch port and a mobile game. We have been starving for any significant news. You should have known how much of a let down it is to hype us but you are forbidden to even mention something is in the works for PC. Times have changed and I think it's pretty clear now we need some news for the PC. Not just a generic "working on multiple projects".

  5. Stop watering Diablo down. Realize that Diablo 3 was, although an ok game later, not what your players expected from the franchise. Because to many of us Diablo 3 doesn't feel to be in the same universe of Diablo 1 and 2. Lore, graphics, sound FX, music, they feel a bit distant. We want to be intimidated by demons, not just slay them. And now you are watering it down even more to reach a larger audience and market, but hurting the franchise in the process. Many of us were kids or preteens when we first played Diablo, and the dark, adult, and satanic air of the game was probably why we played this forbidden game in the first place. Please bring back the terror of the game.


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