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Blizzard is deleting post and banning accounts of people that criticized Diablo Immortal

diablo15 - Blizzard is deleting post and banning accounts of people that criticized Diablo Immortal

I've just got 24 hours ban from Blizzard Brazil Official Forums because of "obscene language" in this?

I would like to give my opinion regarding Blizzard's complete loss of touch with Diablo fans;

Who goes to fu*kin BlizzCon to watch the key notes are super fans. You can enjoy the game very much and watch from home. Or go to the next level which is to buy the ticket online and watch everything. The next step is the maximum level that is for many to buy air tickets, rent hotel rooms, spend money on food, meet other super fans, talk, buy souvenirs and so on.

This audience is the public who played Diablo 1 2 and 3 until bleeding on the PC, who still plays Diablo 2 … who still plays Diablo 3 etc.

I said this just so you guys had the idea of ​​the majority of the audience that was in that audience on the day of the main performance. For you to have an idea of ​​lack of tact.

When they finished announcing a fu*kin new Diablo the audience was silent. A deafening silence.

Do you get it?

Do you remember when Diablo 3 was announced? The crowd went crazy.

And… the main announcement.. the new Blizzard game on BlizzCon is a fu*kin mobile.


Man, regardless if the game is the new wonder of the world. Man, it was a complete disaster.

The joke of April 1st was extremely valid, because it was unbelievable what was happening.

Do you want to advertise a mobile game? Do this at another event. You can do this on the announcement of the iPhone XS, for example, that was a few days ago. I assure you that the criticisms would be much smaller. There would be criticisms still because it also has the feeling of Diablo 3 abandoned that is already happening for a few years, but it would be smaller than the nightmare that Blizzard is facing.

Only today Blizzard shares fell 5%.

Anyway, I have not posted here for a long time … but that's my opinion.

The post was written in portuguese naturally and I'm very pissed to translate it properly, so I used my friend google translator.

I can't link to the original post because it was deleted!!

I wrote this post on November 7th I think.

I've never ever been banned from anything.. people in that day went full rage mode much worse than me.

Another friend of mine just send me a PM saying his post was banned as well.

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