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Blizzard isnt listening

diablo6 - Blizzard isnt listening

So ive hated d3 from the terrible start from lackluster uniqs and sets to removal of ah and making the game a solo online only game, but i keep hoping one day it will get better. But while blizzard keeps saying its listening,it keeps releasing the same PR statment every few weeks of, working on stuff listening working on stuff, Not till today strolling on /pathofexile do i see that not only do those devs listen but omfg they even talk to avrge joes,they have been on podcasts, livestreams with streamers and all that. While blizz cant even release a real post with concrete info. Not to mention the amount of memeing that GGG is up to is just epic, those guys not only make a steller game that i wish they had morw funds to make the engine and models run more smooth from the get go 4.0 suppose to make smoothie, while i like the game d3 is much smoother.


But wow blizzard, your the old man in the room and GGG is doing laps around i think any developer asfar as communication. While their release of new content is fast but flawed they not only listen but fix issues that arise or that players rlly dislike in almost real time.

We deserve morw then the crap we get from blizzard, honestly

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