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Brand new to Diablo–looking for advice (on Switch)

diablo12 - Brand new to Diablo--looking for advice (on Switch)

Hey y'all! I am super new to Diablo (Level 51), and I just don't feel like I really know how to play correctly…any advice would be helpful. Anytime I try to find stuff on Witch Doctor builds/stats on teh googles, I find myself having to look up when more to understand the answers. So apologies for probably stupid questions, but I promise I've tried the other way!

So I have been playing with my BFF who is definitely more into gaming in general than I am, but he's still not a super hardcore gamer or anything…so he's not so much help either lol.


Ok, so obviously, I have made it to Level 51, but I must've bumbled my way there while he's been being way more awesome than me (Wizard) and holding me up because suddenly when fighting Diablo himself, I finally died for the first time and now I keep dying!

I keep trying to switch out my armor and weapons and it's just not really helping. Then I read I should be focusing on building the intelligence attribute rather than the total combined numbers for those stats overall? I feel silly using items that are clearly less superior just to get intelligence bonuses. But is this the thing I should be doing???

I'm so sorry if this is a super stupid post!

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