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Build changes idea in the coming seasons. Abandon and revisit.

diablo6 - Build changes idea in the coming seasons. Abandon and revisit.


Bonus of 4: The same as always but with the addition that each dead enemy burned adds to the wizard a damage bonus of 10% or 50% from an élite, until his death or after 30 seconds that the burn is not active on any enemy. This bonus has unlimited stacking.

Bonus of 6: Wizard gains 5000% damage and 60% damage reduction for 10 seconds if enemies are burning.


Bonus of 2: additionaly, meteors will effectively follow enemies but always randomly.

Bonus of 4: Each arcane, cold, fire and lightning attack increases resistances by 25% for 8 seconds. An additional 10% damage reduction each time you hit an enemy with a different element.

Bonus of 6: In addition, enemies that have been hit by meteors from all the different elements will take an additional 5000% more damage from the wizard for 10 seconds. Time referesh each time the enemy is hit by any meteor.


Bonus of 2: If active Corpse explosion will now activate automatically after using a corpse, replacing corpse spear.

Bonus of 4: Removed the bone spear bonus. Damage reduction always remains 2% for each enemy hit by a corpse spear and corpse explosion, but up to a maximum of 60% for 30 seconds. Additionally, while Land of the Dead is active, the necromancer gains an additional 30% damage reduction.

Bonus of 6: Removed bonus on bone spear damage. Reduces the cooldown of land of the dead by 1 second for each kill. Corpse spear and corpse explosion damage increased by 3500%. For each corpse used, increase damage by 50% up to a maximum of 30 times for a total of 1500% maximum damage for 15 seconds.


Bonus of 2: Bone armor achieves the dislocation effects. His damage increased to 3500% damage bonus.

Bonus of 4: Additionaly The Hunger and Fragility Auras are automatically activated.

Bonus of 6: Bone Armor triggers a tornado of bones that deals 1000% weapon damage to nearby enemies for every second and increases damage taken from the necromancer by 15.000%.


Bonus of 2: Blood Rush has the effect of each rune, and 20% damage reduction for 8 seconds.

Bonus of 6: All life consuming skills deal 5500% more damage and each increases the damage bonus by an additional 500% for each different life consuming skill. Skills healing increased by 100%.


Bonus of 6: Grants all five Mystic Allies and increases damage dealt by 1000% and reduces resource cost 10% for each active Mystic Ally.


Bonus of 6: Increase the damage of your explosive palm by 10.000% and your seven-sided shot detonates the explosive palm. After the explosive palm explodes drag all nearby enemies to one spot and stun them for 2 seconds.


Bonus of 4: Increases the damage of Power Shield and Sweep Attack by 20.000%.

Bonus of 6: Each use of Power Shield or Sweep Attack that hits an enemy increases attack speed by 75% and damage reduction by 15% for 8 seconds. The effect can stack up to 5 times. Now when he reaches maximum stacks, after 10 seconds of hitting an elite group or rift guardian, the crusader creates a glittering gash in the area that deals 10,000% damage in the additional area. Repeats every 5 seconds after the first squat if the stacks remain at maximum.



Bonus of 4: Rain of vengeance deals 500% damage additonaly. Slow enemies 50%

Bonus of 6: After rain of vengeance, deals 15.500% damage from all source.


Bonus of 6: Damage increanse 8000% from all resource when berserker anger and the call of the ancients are active. Additionaly increanse attack speed 50%.


Bonus of 6: Frenzy inflicted 1000% damage additionaly from every stack. Now increanse 50% attack speed from every stacks.


Bonus of 2: Reduces the cooldown of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, and Thunderstorm by 1 second for every 20 Fury consumed with an attack and 1 second for every cry,scream.

Bonus of 6: Increases damage from earthquake, avalanche, leap, storm, ancestral spear, and earthquake damage by 22.000%. Now Ancestral Spear splits into 3 by grabbing more multiple enemies and drag enemies with chains for 3 seconds after hooking them.


Bonus of 4: Furious Charge gains the effect of each rune and deals 1000% more damage. Reduces damage by 100% during raging charge.

Bonus of 6: Each use of Furious Charge increases the damage of your next attack that spends Fury by 5500%. This effect builds up. Each use of an attack that spends Fury consumes up to 5 stacks. Noe After using a Raging Charge 100 times on the same enemy, it will debuff the barbarian with 100,000% additional damage for 5 seconds.

NEW ITEM* Will replace the wizard's carved seal.

Since it is no longer possible to build many builds with it and it already had little use … since the energy twister is the only one that makes itself useful thanks to the happiness and speed with which it generates tornadoes without losing the pose during channeling due to the animations.

New Second Hand Item or others: During the channeling of icy ray, disintegration, arcane rain arrow the wizard will cast a random spell that consumes resources (arcane power) every 0.5 seconds dealing 500% additional damage. The Energy Twister will not work but can be cast when used as a skill kit, thus consuming resources.

That's all. I didn't feel like including the witch doctor because I hardly ever used it and some builds of sets used little and I don't know them well. I apologize if I am not well understood. English is not my mother tongue.

However, I would be happy to hear different opinions and I would be very happy if there is someone who has good ideas to revive the balance of the game by making all builds of useful sets all at the same level of quality.

PS: I would like it if they made diablo 3 more varied in personal build customizations and that they don't all use the same op. however they say they are changing this to diablo 4, hoping so … They want to prioritize legendary items and less on sets. Another thing, I hope that the kani cube bonus remains as the 4th slot, this is very useful to make the builds even more varied as happened to LoD gem which has become permanent.

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