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BUILD – Wizard – DMO Energy Twister + Frozen Orb Mashup

diablo17 - BUILD - Wizard - DMO Energy Twister + Frozen Orb Mashup

Hey guys! This is my first reddit post (not only on this subreddit but in general, I think), so if this should go somewhere else, please don't chastise or ban me, just point me in the right direction, if possible.

OK, so here's the thing: I've been away from Diablo since D2, but was a very, very dedicated player at the time… and now I'm back since S18 started and the game was on promo… I'm playing on console (PS4), and I'm running a wizard and I found some interesting possible synergies between icy-veins DMO Energy Twister and DMO Frozen Orb builds that I'm testing out and would love your feedback on.

Basically, the build centres on using Etched Sigil in lieu of Triumvirate, in order to proc Frozen Orbs via Arcane Torrent, while enveloping my primary targets with Time Warps, combined with the double-fire for orb via Unstable Scepter, and cubing Deathwish to maximize Arcane torrent damage incresases. Playstyle is: lay down the Time Warp, start blasting them with Arcane Torrent proccing the "free" frozen orbs, and launch some of your own to bring down time warp cooldown. Arcane Torrent, I think, makes use of the Condutor rune for Magic Weapon, so resource management is a breeze, I can fire 4-5 orbs, plus the arcane torrent does not reduce my arcane energy and procs "free" orbs.

Here's my current gear, approximate stats like damage etc – I haven't started min-maxing rolls on my equipment as I've just started, so I'm farming mats now – please note my game is in Spanish (which I don't speak), so some of my equipment names might be a little off.

Full DMO set

Warzechian's (I'm not using teleport)

Etched Sigil

Unstable Scepter

Rare Socketed Amulet with 552 INT, 14% Life and 93% Crit Dmg (haven't rolled a decent hellfire yet)


Riddle Ring, Karini's Halo (got one equipped and one cubed… they don't stack as that would mean immortality, but I haven't found anything better yet and it's got good stat rolls.)

Hergbrash's belt

Gems (all with secondary lvl 25 stat activated): Taeguk, Zei's Stone of Vengeance, third jewelry isn't socketed, I';m missing a decent socketed ring 🙁

Cube: Deathwish, Crown of the Primus (for superduper powerful time warps), Karini's Halo

Stats according to equipment screen: 711k ATK, 5737k DEF, 635k Life.

When I crit frozen orbs outside of time warps, I do about 60-100 million, arcane torrents damage seems to come in at a few million for crits, and I also have Black Hole – Subzero as a secondary to pull groups together and increase frozen orb damage – no idea on the damage there but seems to be negligible.

I'm at Paragon lvl 230, single-shotting most mobs on T8 ( with time warp they obviously turn to goo instantly), GR45+ with 5 or more minutes to spare (haven't really pushed GRs, it gets slow around 48-50, not really a big fan, prefer to farm elsewhere). One-shotting GR guardians and all bosses when target is under time warp.

So, my question is: am I on to something here, do the synergies I'm describing, gear + skill-wise make any sense, or is my build complete rubbish and I should just pivot to full Orb or Energy Twister ASAP to see my fortunes soar? Any other equipment change recommendations?

If more people have tried something like that, or wish to, I can provide prints with full details on equipment stats etc, and if people want to test it out and give me some feedback, if it's positive I'd love to do a full guide on it, but for now I'd like your feedback if you think it's a viable build. 🙂

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