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Can somebody explain me why some people are against trading in Diablo 4? (just curious)

diablo12 - Can somebody explain me why some people are against trading in Diablo 4? (just curious)

Hey, I used to play each of the diablo games and many other rpgs. I liked the idea stashing your favourite items, giving them away to friends and family and trading them to other players for gold. I learned that the auction house was removed from Diablo 3 with reasoning behind it being that buying power is makes the game less fun and rewarding.

Shouldn't players decide themselves what they find rewarding and what do they want to achieve? I understand those games are vastly different but I still struggle to understand why is it so important to restrict trading?

In PoE if you're you the trading is what keeps the game alive. The economy is very great and incentivizes late game players to trade currency and even premium currency they can buy with real money to then buy exclusive cosmetic items. Now that is a whole another dimention for transmog lovers! You get transmogs as mob drops, boss drops, pvp and trading too! I love the idea honestly. I get that someone can buy a 200$ weapon and toy around with it but it's his game and if that's the way he wants to have fun and play then shouldn't that be his decision?

Another game with fantastic trading is warframe, once again the developers encourage players to trade real money bought premium currency in order to buy different weapons and exclusive cosmetics. Now what I support here is again trading. It's a PVE game so others shouldn't really mind you buying stuff and supporting the developers. It's not like you're forced to being oneshotted by other player characters. Here in warframe, there is no PVP besides special arenas.


Next game, World of Warcraft. This game is huge and people praise it's economy. Some people play exclusively (while paying a monthly subscription) to trade in this game. The game is fun and I love it, but what I really like about the game is that once again you can trade, materials for legendaries, gems for gold which can be then changed into a premium currency (here it's wow tokens which can be exchanged for Euro to be spent on battle.net for those unaware). Then with the cash earned by farming/dropping rare materials/boss drops/world drops you traded to other players you can buy different cosmetic items from the in-game shop such as premium mounts.

While I don't want this game to become a cs:go trading lounge I think it's very unlikely since it's an rpg in it's core! I truly believe you should be able to trade everything in the game (well boss trophies and achievement banners could be an exeption for the players wanting to really stick it out that they're better than others) because it's a player choice what the want to do and what they find fun!

I could probably keep mentioning more and more games with successful trading but I don't feel like I have to. One more thing I realised just recently that if you have a really really great item rolled for another class or build you don't plan on playing you can just trade it and not trash it. The value of said item increases insanely. A sea of orange glowing legendaries none of which help you in any way is pretty strange sounding to me at least. Why not just trade it to someone who would have more fun using it than not even picking it up?

That is going to be all. I've been following d4 news for quite a while and I'm really curious what are the cons of having an in-game trading system in a co-op pve rpg. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think below ^^.

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