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Can someone please explain the cult-like reverence for, and borderline hipster-like preference for D2 over D3?

diablo5 - Can someone please explain the cult-like reverence for, and borderline hipster-like preference for D2 over D3?

Before we get started, I would like to politely decline any and all "you just aren't a real fan" rebukes and purposely and solely argumentative and dick-headed responses. If, after reading this, you still grace this post with those types of replies, I would just like to say: I hope you step on at least 2 Legos today.

I've played D3 for about a year and a half and enjoy it, but after seeing the cult-like admiration people have for D2 and getting a taste for it via the Tristram event (If im remembering correctly) in January, I decided I had to try it out. When I did I felt…underwhelmed, to put it politely.

The game was ok and was probably pretty good for a game of its time, but after having played D3 first, it was like going from a complete in-home theater with surround sound and an 80 inch HD TV to a pop-up book read to me by my 7 year old.

The graphics are weak, the gameplay is a bit clunky and non-intuitive, the storyline is fine and the character classes interesting, but there is nothing there to write home about.

I see so, so many posts here on Reddit about how D2 is the “real” Diablo and is leagues beyond D3 in every way, but I just do not see it. At all.

Its not like im some 17yo kid who sees older games/graphics and cant deal with it. Im 35. I cut my teeth on Super Mario Bros 3 and spent early adolescence playing Sega Genesis cartridge games and installing games like Star Wars: Tie Fighter and Command & Conquer to my PC from 3.5in floppy disks and loving those games. So, no, this is not a young kid who just cant appreciate anything older than Justin Bieber’s first beard.

When I look at D3 i simply see a more advanced, far and away better-looking, much more intuitive game that is a pretty natural progression from D2.

So is this a case of video game hipsters who just want to look cool for liking old, inefficient ways of doing things? Is it too many layers of rose-tint on people’s glasses? Nostalgia clouding minds? Or am I missing something fundamental?

Because, as I see it, D3 was an improvement on D2 and I expect D4 to be better still, but I seem to be in a very small minority here.

EDIT/ADDENDUM:: Since this got a bit more response than I expected and because I, unfortunately, dont have the time to reply to every comment I'll summarize my findings thus far.


Basically, most of the replies have been pretty well reasonable and share a few common threads. Those being that D2 was one of the-or possibly the-game(s) that defined its genre for the time it was released, which means it was not only novel at its release, but is now seen as the basis for a lot of other games and, therefors, now has a sort of grandparent-like respect from many fans of ARPGs in general, and basic nostalgia. We all enjoy looking back at things and remembering good times while forgetting the bad ones. Its the same (and obviously only) reason the parents of u/pisulanu chose not to take them deep into the forest and shoot them like the insect-ridden and mange-infested rodent they are. Those good times, be they few or many, are always easier and preferable to remember compared to the bad times.

My intention with this post was simply to figure out what aspect(s) of D2 I had missed/overlooked/not appreciated that so many other players seemed to have loved so much that they would call any variance or attempt at improvement a sacrilege as hideous as that foul creature that spawned u/pisulanu out of its birthing orifice. While I do seem to have gotten some quite reasoned and polite responses to that inquiry, I also awoke a few trolls from under their bridges. A few of whom tore themselves away from lustily gazing at teens during cheerleading practice and wistfully daydreaming about what it must be like to not hate themselves almost as much as everyone else both despises and pitied them.

So, with that, I thank those who responded with well-thought out and well-reasoned responses like u/etr4807 and u/MojoAssassin13 and pray to the Old gods and the New that Legos litter the floors of a few select others who chose to defile our eyes with their vitriol and ignorance.

EDIT/ADDENDUM 2:: I guess I'm a filthy casual.

I am a single father of 2 elementary-age children. I do not have the time, nor the inclination, to put hundreds of hours into a game before I have a "good" character. I want to see at least some significant progress in a relatively short time or I will not want to continue because I simply can't take those 1000 hour journeys. If that makes me a "filthy casual" and precludes my being a "real" gamer or "true" fan of Diablo, so be it.

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