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Can we get a Warlock?

diablo7 - Can we get a Warlock?

Anyways, just throwing the idea at random here…

So. The Diablo 2 Necromancer. Undoubtedly the most successful/popular Summoner character out of any ARPG franchise, given it has been copy/pasted over and over again by different games.

Don't get me wrong. I love the overall feel of the class, but after THOUSANDS of hours summoning skeletons/zombies in different games, I feel it's getting stale.

Can't we get a Warlock-like class? A Demon-summoner? Fits the present-world lore easily: the seven major evils were trapped/inprisoned for a few decades, the many layers of Hell must have been madness during this time, without the iron grip of their masters, demons were prey to power-hungry Warlocks; the existence of Sanctuary is widely known by pretty much all otherwordly entities by now; the Vizjerei mages were known to bind demons to stone constructs, etc…

I'd love to be able to get few, but strong and customizable summons instead of a huge flood of trash. (But both can co-exist, I guess).

My humble suggestion: the class has two main paths: Summoning and Fire/Poison Spells (for caster builds). Since we're limited to main Elemental Damage types, Fire spells should be "dark", red and black flames. Poison spells should be about black smoke, the poison effects themselves, black and purple.

As for the summons, anything on these lines:


Early levels: Summon Fire Imp. Conjure a small, flying bat-like creature which "orbits" the player and throws firebolts at enemies from range. Deals minor damage, but enemies hit take +10% more damage from all sources for 3 seconds. Adding more skillpoints increases the number of Fire Imps to a maximum of 3. (Can be increased through Unique/Legendary items).

(It could function like Diablo 2's Ravens. They can't be targeted, can't take damage, but arent a particular threat on their own. Meant to soften/debuff the enemy).

Mid levels: Summon Doom Knight. Conjure an iconic Doom Knight, which uses its sword to attack at melee range. It deals moderate Physical damage and has moderate HP/Armor. Adding more skillpoints increases the number of Doom Knights to a maximum of 5. (Can be increased through Unique/Legendary items).

(The main unit for Summoner builds. Could have legendaries to change/add Oblivion Knights to the mix, which use spells to debuff and damage enemies, and look cool as hell!)

High levels: Summon Venom Lord. Conjure an iconic Venom Lord. The Megademon attacks at melee range, dealing moderate Physical damage and uses a breath fire attack to deal AoE Fire Damage. It has a large amount of HP/Armor. Can only have one summoned at any given time. (Ok, maybe 2 with a very specific Mythic item).

(The Damage-dealing/tanking endgame beast for the build. The main downside is that it's a single unit. Won't aggro everyone.)

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