Diablo 3

Changing server after 2K+ hrs?

diablo3 - Changing server after 2K+ hrs?

Hi community! I'm a lurker surfacing to ask for some opinions if anyone's willing to give one.

I started D3 a couple months after it came out, played it hard , like a life-long Diablo fan that I am, for a couple years, then I kept playing albeit intermittently (when Seasons start ;)) to this day.

The thing is, the server situation has always been a problem for me. I started on the America server as soon as I was able to play , then I got stationed in South Korea, and everyone I worked with was into the game, so I started anew on the Asian server (cuz Korean coworkers & zero latency). I kept that account until now, and according to my profile, I've played more than 2000 hours on it. I've moved around several time to/fro Asia, NA and Europe since then, but I stubbornly stayed with Asian server until now (despite awful latency…). But since I am now in US and not expecting to go anywhere for a while, I am wondering if I should migrate.


I do like what I have done with this profile, I like the legendaries (and primal ancient legendaries) I've accumulated, and some heroes have sentimental values. The problem is that I do occasionally want to play coop and I like the solidarity of being in a clan community, but there really aren't that great English-speaking clans that are close-knit and I'm kind of frustrated by high profile Chinese/Korean-speaking clans that are too fast-moving and unforgiving. Also, this event thing Blizzard put out that only applies to NA exacerbates my predicament!!!

What would it like to be a newbie in American server, starting the new season? I've seen completely new players get to paragon 800+ in single season, find some quality loot, but I have no idea what it the current status is on America server except that I have a Lvl23 DH dressed like a demented clown. Would it be worth migrating to a new server after 6 years? Should I just stay? How active is the America server?

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Any input will really be appreciated! Really, anything.

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