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Chantodo Wizard Group Guide (in-depth)

diablo2 - Chantodo Wizard Group Guide (in-depth)

Chantodo Wizard Build

D3 planner https://www.d3planner.com (seasonal and not optimized)


  • Arcane Torrent – Static Discharge.
    • Arcane torrent with the ‘Static Discharge’ rune allows the build to proc Obsidian and Chantodo’s multiple times a second and is therefore the BiS spending skill available.
  • Slow Time – Exhaustion / Time Warp / Stretch Time.
    • Slow Time is a nice buff that helps with survivability both in- and out of Archon. The slow time granted by Archon will gain the effect of the slow time you have on your bar. Two Chantodo’s Wizards will run different runes, typically Stretch Time and Time Warp so they can buff each other.
  • Explosive Blast – Flash.
    • Explosive blast has no animation and can therefore be cast simultaneously with Arcane Torrent for twice as many stacks. You’ll want to spam this skill whilst channeling Arcane Torrent for very fast chantodo’s and obsidian procs, resulting in about 5-6 seconds of Archon downtime after first two rotations.
  • Magic Weapon – Deflection.
    • 10% additional weapon damage and a stacking shield is an extremely solid buff which is also applied during Archon.
  • Black Hole – Absolute Zero.
    • Massive damage buff! BH grants 3% increased damage in Archon (as we will be running cold damage) per stack. Cast this right before popping Archon. BH also procs Strong Arms.
  • Archon – Any Rune.
    • Archon is the most important skill for obvious reasons.


Evocation (20% increased cool down reduction), Audacity (30% increased damage for enemies within Chantodo Explosions), Cold Blooded (10% increased damage in Archon), Unstable Anomaly (life saver).


  • 6 piece Vyr’s
  • Chantodo weapon and offhand
  • Endless Walk set (50% damage reduction – 100% damage increase)
  • Strong Arm Bracers (These stack, so both wizards and either barb or monk want to run these for) – proc via black hole
  • Obsidian ring of The Zodiac
  • Azula’s Belt for instant Archon Stacks
  • Furnace in cube
  • Swami in cube
  • CoE in cube / swapped with Obisidan


  • A total of 58-60% CDR.
  • Crit damage and chance on all jewelry + gloves.
  • Cold damage on Amulet and Bracers (Chantodo’s and Archon will deal the elemental damage of which you have most (so if you have 18% cold damage and 20% fire damage archon + chantodo will be dealing fire damage).
  • Attack Speed on rings and gloves and weapon if possible (trifecta’s are very rare drops). Note: Chantodo’s now scales with attack speed, so every 1% attack speed = 1% increased damage on chantodo.
  • +damage on rings is also good if you don't get attack speed. The BiS Compass Rose is double crit + flat damage + ATS.
  • Vit and main stat on belt, chest, boots, shoulders, helm and legs.
  • %life on belt and chest.
  • Armor / all res doesn't matter much as archon stacks grant tons of both, however Wizards is intelligence build so Armor is widely considered the most useful.
  • Arcane power on crit is a must on offhand, otherwise you’ll run out of arcane power instantly.
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Group Composition:


The group composition for chantodo wiz will at its core be composed from 2 Chantodo Wizards (Chans) and 1 Shrine Monk (monk). The fourth group member is a very diverse pick as the group functions perfectly well with a vast spectrum of different builds.

Top Picks (in no particular order):

  • Support barb with Sprint, IP and pull (personal favorite)
  • Support wizard; major benefit here is that Chantodo Wizards can swap Slow Time for Energy Armor
  • Support DH adds a nice damage boost and incredible amounts of CC
  • Support necro, makes pulling trash a pain but allows for safe downtime of archon with freeze

Entering Rift:

Both Chans pop archon instantly on entering rift – this is because you want second rotation ASAP and therefore spending time on Chantodo stacks is obsolete. It's important for the monk to attack the first few mobs and heal as much as possible. If Chans die halfway through first rotation it’s a serious pain.

On second rotation the speed begins as wizards will sit on 100-200 stacks and thus have significant damage and added toughness. Stack Chantodo’s with Arcane Torrent and Explosive Blast before popping second archon.

The Second support has a much more diverse role to play as the monk is focused on keeping Chans alive and stacking mobs. Generally move from elite to elite, but don’t skip large trash as these grant enormous amounts of stacks – when doing speeds the Chans will kill trash in 1-2 Chantodo explosions so keep the tempo going.

Archon and Chantodo Main Mechanics:

  • Each Archon Stack = 1% increased ATS, All res, Armor, 0.15% damage reduction and 100% increased damage bonus.
  • Chantodo stack = 4000% damage explosion (calculated like regular skills) up to 20 stacks = 80000% damage.
  • Chantodo now scales with attack speed – every 1% ATS = 1% added damage on chantodo (calculated after Chantodo stacks) in the same way that ATS scales with LoN Singularity mages.
  • The higher the density the more stacks the higher the damage.
  • 58-60% CDR = Chantodo stacks 20 when archon is off cool down (depending on attack speed).
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Hope this was helpful. If anyone has a further optimized set up feel free to add some information – I feel that the Chantodo runs are far from explored.

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