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Choosing a class, and why is everyone rolling a DH?

diablo5 - Choosing a class, and why is everyone rolling a DH?

Three days ago made the decision to buy D3. Asked here for some help about the seasonal event, and i got a lot of answers. I watched tons of videos on youtube about classes and it made the process of choosing a class almost impossible..so because i started from 0 with no chest reward with mats from greater rift event, i started to play every class.

– DH- Was my first choice because everyone plays it and all the youtubers recommend it. Although i always loved the range class design, i don't really enjoy DH. Got until lvl 30 with one and i see no sparkles, it feels wierd playing it, maybe it's because it's one of the classes that have a rough start and then they bloom?

-Witch Doctor- I really enjoyed playing it, like the ideea of Haunt. (played warlock in WoW) Got lucky with some rares and leveling until 40 was a no brain. Still one of my favorites.

– Barb- I don't really like the Barbarian/Warrior/Berseker type in RPGS, even in WoW i rarely play Warrior, but from what i payed until lvl 40 , i enjoyed the Barb the most, especially because i had some luck with drops and i made a build that revolves around Healing myself while doing damage(Using ravage a lot, the runes that give me Hp per sec and hp per fury spent). At expert everything is easy( cant play higher difficulties yet) and doing normal rifts and bounties is so much fun. To bad i can't use the Kanai Cube :(((


-Monk- I always liked the idea of playing Monk, but quite disappointing,low damage and low healing, i loved Monk in WoW( Doing tons of DMG and healing like a mad man meanwhile). Maybe at end levels it will be better?

-Necromancer- Am i a tank? A caster? Am i a melee?

-Wizard- The class that i played the least, will probably be a alt, because i have this pattern of making a caster, at the moment people say wizard is in a bad position, so i listened to them.

All in all i am looking for a class that can sustain itself and do damage, not really a tank type with high resilience and low damage, dunno if it exists at end game, but since i'll play solo, would like to play a class that can outheal the damage taken and in the same time can kill waves of monsters in no time. Extra points if it has some combos and it's not braindead, and an extra point if the gear is easy to obtain ( it took me two hours to understand what kanai cube does, i'm still at the start, atm figuring what LOD is that people talks about).

One more question…why does everyone play DH, entered a guild with more than 140 members…and 90% of them are DH, went on Twitch to see some end game footage and almost all videos were GOD DH. Is the best tactic right now to go DH and farm with it and gear up alts?

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