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Commissar Farzi’s guide to Diablo 1 Labyrinth Exploration

diablo17 - Commissar Farzi's guide to Diablo 1 Labyrinth Exploration

So I had originally posted this on the Discord, but I don't know how many people actually are on it so I figured I'd throw it on here-little something to help newer players:

  1. Save often. I can't tell you how many times I had to repeat whole sections by not doing this.
  2. If you are running away after biting off more than you could chew(Or the game decided to say "Get Bent!" with the RNG) , run towards an explored area. Otherwise you'll be running into a lot of things that want you dead. The same can be said with exploration-don't run straight in
  3. Don't touch shrines without saving first-some shrines can either benefit you, hurt you in the long run, etc,-this goes double for cauldrons, as their effects are totally unpredictable. Again, see tip #1.
  4. Keep a decent supply of Full Healing potions. 8 early game, around 12 to 15 mid to late. Depending on your class, have a few full mana potions on hand can be handy as well, Sorcerers will need invest heavily.
  5. Rejuvenation potions are a decent investment, but are expensive in the short term and buying too many can actually be detrimental in the long term-keep one or two partial or full juvies on hand mid to late game.
  6. Don't spend money on stat boosting potions late game unless you actually have cash to spend on them.
  7. Repair your kit often-in fact every time you go into town. This may seem kind of dumb and paranoid to a newer player; durability goes faster than you think and I've had equipment break on me in the middle of a fight before, or damned near close. Though this can't always be prevented.
  8. Don't be afraid to swap out pieces of equipment or change up your play style a bit if you start running into trouble. Just keep in mind the pros and cons of what your getting and losing when you do this.
  9. Spellbooks are a good source of income, but having a few spells handy can also be beneficial. Yes even for the sword swingers. Don't sell spellbooks as a sorcerer though-unless it's one you know you won't use, and sometimes not even then. On that note-
  10. Spellbooks, if your magic is high enough can act as an emergency mana potion-I've noticed that the more powerful the spell, the more mana you get.
  11. Holy bolt can actually hurt Diablo, so don't be afraid to invest one or two levels into it.
  12. Certain magical and even unique items can hinder or even hurt you in fights.
  13. Since I know there's gonna be that one guy who goes "Where's the arrows for your bow?" The durability is essentially your arrows, see tip #7.
  14. Fireball is a decent spell, but very mana intensive to use-get it level decently and you can hit like a freight train even if your opponent has high resistances.
  15. Lightning spells have a lot of range, so don't be afraid to fire off a few shots to sniff out enemies-and on that one: the basic lighting spell has gives you some good bang for your buck-mana cost goes down as the damage goes up, though it's usually 1-to whatever, chain lighting can bring down tough targets quickly, but burns through mana.
  16. "Nothing short of Diablo is immune to stone curse Lazarus, you fucking twat." And the mana cost goes down with each level of the spell.
  17. Bone Spirit and Blood Star are the only Magic type damage spells in the game and are powerful in their own right-blood star uses health and mana, but deals a good, solid chunk of damage, where as bone spirit seeks out it's target and takes them down by 1/3 their current health. But don't rely on bone spirit over much as it takes a lot of these to kill upper level demons.
  18. Golem is…interesting to use-gives you a minion to fight for you, but at the same time he kinda just does his own thing, so usually the best way to do this is to simply summon it into a room and let it do its thing-though the high mana cost often made me wonder about the effectiveness of the strategy. Scroll's usually worth it though.
  19. Have a bow or a decent sword/mace or shield as the Sorcerer-yes he is a spell caster and can use staves and magic and all that crap, but having a decent sword and board gives you additional bonuses and a way to hurt enemies if their immune/resistant to spell damage. And Stone Curse is a thing, scrolls are easy enough to come by believe it or not so I don't want to hear you whining about him being a strictly magic using class-see tip 16#. Bows are also good if you don't want to get close, but need a way to put some hurt down range. Just keep in mind the Sorcerer has the slowest ranged and melee attacks in the game.
  20. Learn to Kite; this is more important than you realize-Early to Late game for Rogue, as there were times I would essentially root my self to the spot and fire my machine-bowgun at something and ended up paying for it. Early game Sorcerers can send a few charged bolts from the staff you start with and basically fire and forget-cleared entire rooms this way during my final run. Late game kiting is important for the Warrior-as their are precious few choke points to take advantage of and you will often have to lure small groups of enemies away. Sorcerers if you play it right can send up a few firewalls as a fuck you as you run away from whatever's trying to munch on your face, and golems and stone curse are are useful late game if you need a little breathing room.
  21. You have four hot keys in Diablo-F5, F6, F7, F8. Use em-it will make your life easier switching between spells. Learned this one the hard way.
  22. Have at least THREE scrolls of Town Portal, and see about learning the spell as an emergency back up. Just in case-you don't want to have to leg it back to town if you run out. 600 gold can save you a lot of effort and frustration.
  23. While it may seem like a good idea, the Healing Spell is not a good investment for the Sorcerer-you're essentially using your primary means of offense as a means to keep yourself alive-now maybe having a level or two in case of emergencies is okay, but don't go hogwild-leave it to the Rouge and Warrior okay? Instead, use scrolls of healing-their cheap, easy for him to use due to his fast cast rate, and given his generally low health they patch him up after one or two.
  24. Axes are not near as useful as you would think-yes they have in someways the highest damage-not DPS, but Damage when they hit in the game, but they're slow and you sacrifice a lot defense and utility. Though having one with faster swing speed enchantment can make up some of the difference-just be careful how you employ them as some enemies put out enough attacks to stunlock you. Try to have something that gives you a fast recovery after being hit
  25. Magic resistances are important, especially when facing down succubi and magistrates, as they will eat you alive if you don't have any. And while the Constriction Ring may give you max resistances, it also drains your health while your in the dungeon, so it CAN and WILL kill you faster. So get some items that won't do that-just trust me on this one. If you happen to get it and must use it, use it in an emergency or just sell it for a nice profit. 100k+ gold is nice, and nicks you some nice equipment.
  26. Wirt is a prick-it costs gold just to see what he has and it won't do you any good most of the time-think D2 gambling. So's Cain now that I think about it, but you actually need his services. Buy from Griswold instead.

If have forgotten anything or not covered something here-drop me a line and I'll add it.


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