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Considering to buy and play Diablo 3 but I need some advice

diablo18 - Considering to buy and play Diablo 3 but I need some advice

Hello, as the title says I'm really considering to buy Diablo 3 for Christmas. Also I want to apologise in advance for any gramatical error. English is not my first language. Ok so, first of all Im a PC type of person. I have played EVERY Blizzard actual game aside from this one and I wanted for a long while to get into these series. Unfortunetly there are some obstacles that made me reluctant in buying the game and that I might be needing some clarifications : 1) First of all I wanna buy the game and enjoy the full experience but I don't really know what to buy. Should I buy Diablo 3 and then Diablo 3 Reaper of souls? Is there another Expansio/anything else that I have to buy aside from these to to be able to enjoy the full game? I also saw a kind of deal called battlechest that offered both of those games as a two in one deal at a better price, but also there is a difderent kind of "battle chest" called Ethernal Edition. Is that one better comparing with the regular battlechest? How is it different from it? 2) It has passed quite some time since the game's release and I have that worry of " Isn't it a bit too late?". Does the game, from the point of view of graphics and gameplay still manages? Im not the "best graphics, best experience" type. Just wanna know how good was the time with the game. "Aged like a fine wine " thing. 3) How is the end game content? 4)How is the overall game experience from the point of view of a veteran player?


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