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Dear World

As an avid gamer and upon seeing Blizzard's action towards a Hong Kong Esports player, I wish to share you the origin of the protest and how by core that the protest is unethical.

As the world knows, the protest is to protect Hong Kong citizens from the extradition bill as it can grant unrestricted apprehension practices from PRC China. However the world seems to be blindsided by why the extradition bill was created in the first place. It started when a 19 years old Hong Kong resident killed his pregnant girlfriend in February 2019, Taiwan, dismembered the body, and put in a luggage bag. The perpetrator then returned to Hong Kong and admitted the crime to the Hong Kong police. Under the current law system, this created a legal loop-hole in which the police were unable to charge the perpetrator for murder due to no extradition law in place between Taiwan and Hong Kong. There was a brief notion of a "Sunset clause" to deal with the situation but alas both Hong Kong and Taiwan rejected the notion. On the Taiwan side, the president "Tsai Ing-wen" said "we don't want to be part of China for anything as it violates our freedom" whereas the chief executive of Hong Kong said "the sunset clause cannot repair the legal loop-hole of Hong Kong". As a result of both side failing the reach an agreement, nothing constructive was done.

Fast track to June in which the first protest began, Hong Kong was already influenced by politicians about the shady practices of PRC China. A good example was the occupy central movement in March 2013. Many citizens, mainly students and young adults of Hong Kong with little knowledge of the world began to show blind hatred towards China by western media. While I don't condone with some of the actions taken by China, I believe it is also unethical and immoral for a murderer to escape justice. In addition, the protest that was originally started as concerns towards the extradition bill has devolved into an anti-China riot which overshadowed the original intention.

Democracy when done right should be one of many methods to perpetuate mankind to a new golden era. Everyone should listen to all views, invoke critical thinking and walk a path that is ethical, moral and responsible. However, the actions displayed by the rioters of Hong Kong shows no such thinking. They chant democracy but show violence towards people with other views, here are videos illustrating their actions:

Train passenger incident:

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Civilian of different views beaten:


The off duty police was almost lit on fire:

Granny moving away obstacles on a major road:


Mall incident:

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Taxi Driver beaten:


These are just some of the videos the world isn't aware of. As of today Youtube continues to suppress their exposure…

Many admit the extradition bill was hastily written but there was absolutely no need for violence to erupt, Hong Kong already has a robust democratic system and a reasonable degree of freedom to iron out any potential hiccups. As of 2019, Hong Kong is still the free-est city of the world according to "https://www.heritage.org/index/". Alas thanks to the action of our retards, we are having democracy run by stupidity and now idiot tyranny runs supreme.

In conclusion, families in Hong Kong today are fractured and long time friendships were broken. Political extremism has taken root in Hong Kong. As a politically neutral citizen of Hong Kong and an avid gamer, it is now even grimmer as my peers in the gaming world turning on each other in a crumpling society. Children as young as 12 years old are even talked into rioting. Returning to the main point, because of the anti-China movement around the world, a murderer gets away and Hong Kong citizen can now freely murder in Taiwan (if you escape to Hong Kong). As this whole endeavor continues, the murder could be free as of October 2019. I will end this message with 2 questions:

What is freedom without ethics, moral and responsibility? Do mankind deserve such privilege?

Here's a pic of the victim and the baby inside her, may justice finds its way..



A gamer in Hong Kong

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