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Craft to mastery:an idea for “easy to learn diffcult to master”

diablo8 - Craft to mastery:an idea for "easy to learn diffcult to master"


I think many of us can agree when the first Diablo 4 's Demo come out. we are all exicted and a bit terrified. The mainly reason of this is because item design. for me ,It is because of this reason.

  • attack/deffense system

they remove the tradional STR/DEX/INT system. this is no only take away the atmosphere of an rpg. it lead to the "green arrow good. red arrow bad"situation.

the main reason behind this change is that D2/D3 stats system failed so bad and didn't help this philosophy. I can accept this since it isn't even a beta and the team introduced a new system to fill this hole( Angelic Power, Demonic Power, Ancestral Power, )

  • item affix

another thing that bug me is the total number of affix on one item. as far as i know . that only have 4-5 affix on one item. I always hate this design philosophy on Diablo3/any other moderen arpg. I understand that is becuase the Dev don't want people feel to diffcult to understand. but I really enjoy I cand get overwhelemed by D2's item. there are so much different affix on one item. it took me time to learn it and also feel rewarded.since the Dev said that they will increase the total number on item. I will hold my opinins on this topic.

also I was so excited to see the old "+XXrank on XX skill" is back. D3 have similar affix "+XX% damage on XX skill" but it is a failure. that is becuse skill rank can give you more option than damage. it may give you more projectile/pet/effect range. etc. Diablo 3 have so much boring affix. +crt damage +Crt% +attack speed. almost every class need those affix and it is not fun.

My suggestion


In my opinins . The dev are so obsessed to the idea"easy to learn" in D3. they forget the other half. I agree it need to be more accesable for the new player and he is my solution.

more affix over time– I divide itemlevel into 4 cap.(1-10,11-20.21-30.31-40) . the maxium number of first cap should be 4, and next would be 5,6,7(may be more). slowly introduce the depth to the player.

affix type-Affix need to be sort out to two different type.

A. always useful-+X HP +X Crt damage +X Crt +X engry etc.almost every class need thiskind of affix.

B. benfint in some build- +pet damage/+X skill/+melee damage/+ magic damage etc.

this kind of affix will only help some build. for example I didn't need any pet damgein my ww BB build. but it will be useful to my Pet Durid build.

introudce complexity over item level. low level item should focus to the affix that alwaysuseful. High level item should be focus on type B affix.

for example:


Crused affix– this is my final suggestion. that isn't a Crazy idea to ARPG . but i think this is a new thing to diablo ( unless they did it on diablo 1).

the idea behind Crused affix is a reward for the hardcord player that understand the system so deep.

a Crused affix combine by two part. buff and debuff. here is some example

+your pet deal damage when your HP above 60%

-your hp reduce by 20%

Crused affis give huge bonus but also give huge debuff. it only appear on end game item.

it can also purify by some npc.

I look forward for what you guy think! please tell me your opinins!

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