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Crusader Roland Shield Bash Build

diablo14 - Crusader Roland Shield Bash Build

TLDR: I think I've found a FAST and STRONG Shield Bash build, different from Icy Vein's.

Hi, guys,

I'm sorry if someone else has posted something similar before, I just entered this subreddit.

The thing is that this is my first time playing Diablo 3 and I started leveling a Crusader for the Season (15), thus obtaining the Roland starter set. People generally use the Sweep Attack build and Icy Veins even classifies the Shield Bash version of this archetype as "low tier", mainly because of its "low mobility".

However, I do believe the Shield Bash version can be a lot better than the Icy Veins suggestion. He plays it with Punish and Iron Skin in the skill set and uses Focus and Restraint as rings. I really think this is not the best configuration for the build, with all due respect.

After some studying, I've come up with this build: https://www.d3planner.com/348136290

This way, I can benefit both from the Laws of Hope – Wings of Angels move speed buff AND from Steed Charge – Endurance for faster spatial progression. Punish is DEFINITELY not needed, as the Shield Glare – Zealous Glare charges will more than make up for its absence and replenish Wrath fully with each use, besides doing big damage. Plus, Provoke – Hit Me can complement any wrath needs in a pinch (which is RARE), but it mainly serves as a way to both improve Shield Bash's damage (because it raises block chance) and also improve damage reduction, because of Justice Lantern. It's a very "organic" skill in this build, in my undestanding. The big resource cost reduction brought about by Piro Marella in the Cube, coupled with the very quick Shield Glare charges, means that we don't need Laws of Valor – Unstoppable Force for that.


The big thing here, on my opinion, is Broken Promises in the Cube. I simply don't know why Icy Veins doesn't include it in his suggested build. Roland's set makes Shield Bash come out so fast and repeatedly that, with a low innate crit chance, you can basically keep actual crit chance at 100% all the time after the 5 first hits. That is a HUGE damage buff.

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My only real doubt is whether I should really go with Justice Lantern for the synergies with Shield Bash and Provoke or if I should use Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac for more cooldown reduction. But I have been using this exact build (with JL) with most gear still just regular (no ancients, let alone primal ancients, and sub-optimal stats lol) and I'm clearing T13 equivalent grifts (like level 60 or so) in less than 5 minutes. The damage is absurd and dying is RARE. Plus, I can find new packs quickly, because of the move buffs, which seems to be lacking in Icy Veins build.

Is there any flaw in my build that I haven't noticed? I'd really like to hear your feedback 🙂

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