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D2 HD Remake, What to change?

diablo7 - D2 HD Remake, What to change?

So I have been playing a lot of D2 again (almost 5 years since last time) but this time with PlugY.

And I have been thinking a lot about what a good "remake" should be, and I really want to hear what the community thinks as well!

Some basics things I think the whole community can stand behind (or maybe I'm wrong) is that the game should have 4k+ support and 60+FPS support (not talking tickrate, or animation frames)

But what more?

Should they fix bugs in the game?

There are to many bugs to mention here tbh.
Here is a list of some (99% the bugs are still precent in current 1.14d patch)

But things like:

  1. Chapter boss bugs? (bugging them to always get "quest" drops)

  2. Ethereal armour bugging?

  3. Aura stacking?

  4. "Bug Boosting" (making it possible to "beat" hell at lvl1)

Should they balance the game, and if so, what?

  1. Make some of the less used skills more viable?

  2. Make so that no hell enemy's have 100% immunity, just maybe 95%?

  3. Make hell enemy's give you more XP?

  4. Make some of the less used items more viable?

  5. Make all hirelings viable?

  6. Nerf some items/runewords? ( Looking at you enigma 😀 )

And what Quality of Life changes should they make, if any?

  1. Make you have multiple tabs in your stash?

  2. Make a "shared" stash alternative?

  3. Implement a "game refresh button", so you don't have to leave/create games.

  4. Make players have a dedicated TP button?

  5. Change some of the town spawning points? (Thinking of Act2 and 3)

  6. Remove the use of gems for when cubing runes?

  7. Add a repeatable socket quest?

  8. Add "advanced" show options for viewing items? (show min/max stats and things like ilvl)

  9. add a force move key

  10. Make all skills left/right click selectable?

  11. Make destroyable objects (urns, barrels…) break using normal attacks/skills?

  12. Have a "shake screen" toggle in options menu?

  13. Make unique and set items show on the minimap?

  14. Expand the inventory space?

Should they add visual enhancement/changes?

  1. Make things like stashes, barrels and other intractable objects more visible?

  2. Add a third minimap alternative (think D3/D4 style)

  3. Add/change some of the item text colours?

  4. Show active buffs/debuffs whit icons (think D3/4)

  5. Make unique/set items have more distinct visual differences?

These are just some of the things I can think of on the top of my head.

There is probably twice as many things to list/mention, but I cant think of them right now.

There is also things like, if they should stick to having the game be a 2D sprite based game.

Or if they should remake it completely using a 3D engine (but keeping the visuals)

Enabling more then the limited sprite animations and being able to move/shoot in more then 16 directions.

Also enabling it so that the characters can show a more accurate representation of what they are wearing (Dong this in 2D sprites is not something a sane person/company would ever do)

Whit this said, what do the community want/don't want to see in an official HD remake of the game?

Sorry for the wall of text.


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