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[D2R] A Simple Tweak to Fix Diablo 2’s Broken Trading System

diablo11 - [D2R] A Simple Tweak to Fix Diablo 2's Broken Trading System

Remove the gold cap. This simple change addresses many major issues with Diablo 2's current trading system.

Some Background:

Trading in Diablo 2 today is an unfun experience. Since the gold cap is so small, players organize trades with the random collection of items they found.

This bartering system has two major problems:

  1. Every trade, players have to argue over the value of their items.
  2. Players often refuse items they cannot use because trading it away will be even more work.

Trading legitimately is such a hassle that many players instead use sketchy, third-party sites.


Although high-level runes and other consumables are recognized as currency, they are clearly bad forms of currency because many players use the website D2JSP. D2JSP's main draw is the third-party currency – forum gold – that they use.

By using D2JSP forum gold, players have a much easier time buying and selling. For example, if you had an item that only one player in the world wanted, instead of arguing over what that player had to offer, you could simply trade it away for some forum gold. Players can save forum gold from smaller trades until they can afford the gear they actually want.

In some ways, D2JSP improves the trading experience because players have an easier time getting items that they want. But Diablo 2 can offer this experience and save players from having to deal with outdated third-party websites.


Removing the Gold Cap:

The reason why players use D2JSP's third-party "currency" (forum gold) is because Diablo 2 lacks a universally-accepted currency. The current gold cap is too small for gold to be used meaningfully in trades.

But if you could say 10 million… 100 million… 1 billion gold, perhaps that would convince some lucky player to part with their second Enigma. With that gold, that player could buy gear they need from someone else or gamble it away directly.

Players being able to accumulate and trade large amounts of gold makes trading easier for everyone. When players start putting numbers on items, buying and selling gear and items becomes a lot easier, which means more players offering more items.


Removing the gold cap is a small change – arguably a quality-of-life change. However, that simple change would drastically benefit Diablo 2's playerbase. Random drops would find its way to players who could use it instead of being tossed away. When progress towards getting gear can be tracked by how much gold you have, it makes unlucky streaks much less frustrating. Also D2JSP would die because that site is too ugly for this world.

Diablo 2's trading system has major issues caused by the lack of a good in-game currency. Trading is supposed to help players get the gear that they want. Removing the cap on gold fills this void of currency and makes trading easier, so players can spend more time playing.

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