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D2R Clan Channels on Battle.net – Could help extend the prime of D2 [Idea Proposal]

diablo19 - D2R Clan Channels on Battle.net - Could help extend the prime of D2 [Idea Proposal]

It sounds like the D2 Resurrected team will be keeping channels and improving the UI.

That is great news as many of us look forward to this aspect for socializing, trading, organizing a game/event, or even just to chill out and laugh at some of the funny chat that graces our screen. Channels just add to the atmosphere of the game and add an element of socialization that is severely lacking without them.

However, I seriously think that something similar to how Warcraft 3 did clan channels would be a boon for D2R.

If you never played WC3 in its prime, clan channels consisted of a chieftain, 5 shamans, grunts, and peons. The chieftain was the founder of the clan, the shamans were like officers, the grunts were seasoned members, and peons were new recruits. The chieftain and shamans all had channel operator privileges (this included having control of the channel, could kick/ban or designate other users).

This definitely prolonged the prime of WC3 on BNet and made it just that much more fun to be a part of the community. As we all know, clans already existed on Diablo II nearly from day one. This led to organized activities, helping each other walk, quest, level, xfer/mule, rush, or do anything you wanted together in-game. Clans also made for juicy drama, whether that be PvP tournaments or clan wars, you name it.

While we can still enjoy all of those activities without a change to D2 clan channels, I seriously think it's worth considering to implement a system closer to how WC3 delivered clan channels. It made you feel a sense of allegiance to your clan, and you could wear the clan tag without having to change your account name or character name. This is a good point as names won't be unique in D2R but will have a gamertag of sorts associated with each name (ie you can call yourself 'James' and the name wont be taken).


I've posted some screenshots below for examples of WC3's clan/channel setup on BNet and how D2R could implement something similar:

wc3 clan channel - D2R Clan Channels on Battle.net - Could help extend the prime of D2 [Idea Proposal]

Example of a WC3 clan channel showing clan tag and channel ops

wc3 user profile - D2R Clan Channels on Battle.net - Could help extend the prime of D2 [Idea Proposal]

Example of a WC3 user profile showing the user's clan details

As a reminder, in its current form, Diablo II clans are more informal and you can only create channel ops by joining, for example, channel "Op Clan-EZ" and BNet appoints the person with that account name as the operator (and they can then designate one additional user). Not much functionality.

In conclusion, I'm glad that D2R will maintain the use of channels on BNet and I really think that adding these types of features (clan specific channels; visible clan ranks (some ranks with channel ops capabilities/responsibilities; and clan tags that are visible in channel) would be a serious boon to the social aspect and atmosphere of D2, helping form more organized communities on BNet, create a little drama which would keep people passionate about the game and help keep the scene alive and colorful, and inspire people to help each other. Clans will be made and used regardless of these features being available or not, but I think this would definitely help accentuate the function of clans and everything that they are made for. The ability to wear a clan tag without altering your account name or character name is another huge benefit. In my opinion, these types of features would definitely help the overall experience and prolong the prime of D2R.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know your thoughts.

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