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D3 Class Concept: The Bard

diablo8 - D3 Class Concept: The Bard

”Music is everywhere. In the whistling of the grass… In the howls of the hells… in the rattle of death. But the world is out of tune. Discordance has set off the balance of the Worldsong. As a Bard, it’s my job to bring things back into step and time. Flashing lights against the sky lead me to New Tristram, where a fallen star is raising the dead. The song of life is too loud, and begs to be brought back to harmony. And so, I perform.”

The Bard

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Resource: Inspiration (Maximum 125)

Inspiration generates at a rate of one per second. This increases as you level up, reaching five per second at level 70. Additionally, you gain one inspiration per second for every three enemies within 30 yards.

Class Specific Items:

Instrument (One-Handed and Two-Handed Weapons), Music (Off-Hand), Costume (Chest Armor).

The Bard is, primarily, a support class, best played with friends by your side. It’s buffs and party-wide enhancements would make it invaluable in a four-man or even two-man group. However, with powerful songs and stories, The Bard can more than hold their own in solo combat.



Play your instrument at an enemy, dealing 155% weapon damage and increasing your attack speed by 5%, stacking three times. Generates 5 inspiration.


Play a groovy tune, dealing 180% damage and boosting the damage of your next non-Groove attack by 10%. Generates 5 Inspiration


Step forward at 120% your movement speed while playing a drum. Nearby enemies take 115% damage per second so long as you are channeling.


Yell at an enemy, dealing 140% damage and making the enemy deal 15% less damage.



Place a lute on the battlefield. While the Bard is standing within 15 meters, it shoots forwards seeking attacks that deal 650% weapon damage. Costs 25 inspiration, can only place one.


Ride forwards on your adoring fans, trampling enemies for 700% damage and carrying you forth 8 meters. Costs 30 Inspiration.*


Drop a spotlight on the ground. It shoots forwards constant light, dealing 250% weapon damage each tick. The beam follows your mouse. You may have two up at once. Costs 25 Inspiration.

Hideous Laughter

Launch a magic-filled joke that explodes on enemies. Affected enemies begin laughing for 3 seconds, damaging nearby enemies for 400% damage per second. Costs 30 Inspiration.


Blade Ward

Ward the ground, making all enemies within deal 30% less damage. 10 inspiration cost


Let out an earth-shattering wink, charming half of all enemies within 15 yards. While charmed, they deal 150% weapon damage to their allies. 20s cooldown


Play a peppy song, doubling your movement speed and floating above enemies and obstacles for 2 seconds. 14s cooldown


Ward yourself in sheer confidence. The next attack that would damage you for 2% of your health or more is countered in exact damage and halves the incoming damage. 15s Cooldown, and the cooldown begins when Panache activates, not when it’s cast.


Dragon Ballad

Summon the vision of a mighty dragon through a rousing tale. One soars over each of your allies, torching nearby enemies for 850% damage. 10 inspiration, 20 second cooldown.

Angel Ballad

Sing a sorrowful tale of a mighty angel. One soars over each of your allies, restoring 5% of their health per second for 10 seconds. 15 inspiration, 40 second cooldown.

Cataclysm Ballad

Sing a terrifying song, chronicling an apocalyptic event. Call meteors down from the sky, blinding for 5s and damaging enemies for 650% damage. They are burnt with Cataclysmic Fire, taking 400% damage for 3 seconds. 10 inspiration, 12 second cooldown.

Hero’s Ballad

Remind yourself and your allies of the heroes you truly are, singing a song of your creation. Become overtaken by creativity, taking 35% decreased damage and reducing all your cool downs by 30%, while also setting your inspiration gain to a base 15 per second. Your allies become inspired, gaining 20% damage reduction and decreasing their cooldowns by 25%. 120 second cooldown, and it is not affected by the 30% cooldown reduction.



In Tune

Tune up your instrument, making your primaries, Lute, Bass, Drums, and your damaging songs deal 20% extra damage. This lasts for 30 seconds, and has a 45 second cooldown.


Place an upright bass on the battlefield. While nearby it, you play it, shooting exploding jolts of damage that deal 550% damage. Additionally, hitting with a bolt increases your armor by 5%, stacking 8 times. Costs 25, can place once.


Shoot three slow-moving, piercing shots, each dealing 650% damage. Each enemy hit generates a stack, up to 30. Each stack boosts the damage dealt by refrain by 1%. Costs 10 Inspiration.


Place a drum set on the battlefield. When nearby, you play it, causing short-range earthquakes, dealing 775% damage. Hitting with one of these increase your attack speed by 1%, stacking up to 20 times.



Inspire an ally. While inspired, they attack 30% faster. The buff lasts until you cast it again or run out of Inspiration. Costs 6 inspiration per second to maintain.

Pile On

Mark a single enemy for your allies to take out. This enemy takes 50% more damage from your allies, and 25% more from you. If a marked enemy dies, the mark hops to another enemy. 12 second cooldown.

Song of the Elements

Play a song reminding your allies of the dangers of the elements. You grant 200 Resist All to all allies, and increase the highest elemental boost of each of your allies by 15%.


Victory gains stacks when you or an ally kills an enemy, up to a maximum of 60. When you cast this spell, consume all stacks and heal you and your allies for 1% Life per stack. Also, boost their movement speed by 1% per 2 stacks.


Heart of the Rising Star (60)

(2) Flirt now charms all enemies in a 25 yard radius. Charmed enemies take 200% more damage multiplicatively.

The One-Man Band’s Uniform (70 T)

(2) Bass, Drums, and Lute shoot bolts 50% faster.

(4) Hitting with Groove restores 25 inspiration and powers up Bass, Drums, and Lute, granting them a multiplicave 150% damage boost.

(6) While playing Bass, Drums and Lute at the same time, they deal 25,000% damage.

The Chronicler’s History (70 T)

(2) Reduce the cooldown of your Storyteller skills by 80%. Restore 10 Inspiration each time you hit with Hero’s Ballad active.

(4) The Cataclysmic Fire effect deals 100% extra damage per second for each Victory stack you have. Casting Victory instantly takes Cataclysm Ballad out of cooldown.

(6) Dragon’s Ballad, Cataclysmic Fire, and Cataclysm Ballad deal 60,000% extra damage while Hero’s Ballad is active. Casting Victory removes a second from the Hero’s Ballad cooldown for every stack.

Ricardo’s Arousal (70)

(2) Inspire no longer costs you Inspiration. Double the effects of Song of the Elements and Inspire.

(4) Refrain instantly applies Pile On. You can now have three Pile On marks out.

(6) Allies affected by Inspire deal 40% more damage and take 30% less damage. For each Ally affected, you take 25% less damage.

The Jester’s Affability (70 T)

(Helm, Boots, Costume, Shoulders, Music, Belt)

(2) Channeling March automatically casts Panache every 2 seconds.

(4) Hideous Laughter is now infectious, spreading from enemy to enemy.

(6) Hideous Laughter now deals 10,000% damage per second. Panache now explodes all enemies affected by Hideous Laughter within 12 meters for 20,000% damage. It no longer requires a high-damage attack.

Claudia’s Kindness (60)

(Helm, Costume, Instrument, Gloves, Belt, Pants)

(2) Lyre now follows you. It attacks 30% faster.

(4) Lyre attacks restore 3% Life to all party members.

(6) You can now place 2 extra Lyres. While playing the Lyre, cast Angel Ballad on all allies every 30 seconds.

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