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diablo4 - D4 crafting wishes

I would really like for crafting to be something more than just sitting in town mashing buttons, but to be a more "Diablo" monster slaying experience.

Yes they said something along the lines of running around and collecting soulbound crafting mats from specific areas/bosses but honestly that just sound boring to me…

Another thing I would like crafting to be is a more lenghty experience and not just by waiting for RNG to bless you with the highest numbers while mashing the same buttons over and over again. So basically don't limit the crafting by the amount of crafting mats you have but by the time you spend on it (more crafting mats –> better item; more time spent crafting –> better item).

Now just for an example of such an system (not saying this is the way to go, but just illustrating my point):

Also I don't know how they want to implement crafting or rare items or whatever so this example might be completely useless.

You have a item you want to craft things on. For starters you want some basic affix. Go to town, to blacksmith and put that item into the crafting slot. Select the affix you want and with some basic crafting mats that drop everywhere craft a "progress affix" onto it. Because it is a basic affix, the "progress affix" requires you to do something easy e.g. kill 100 goatmen.


Another fun thing would be to have another misc tab in your inventory: the crafting tab that would have only 1 slot, but you could get items that have "+1 crafting slot" as an affix. Or even a legendary with "+6 crafting slots" and nothing else. ("progress affixes" would would only gain progress in these slots)

When you kill 100 goatmen, this "progress affix" then transforms into the affix that you selected.

Now depending on the power/level of the affix, its "progress affix" would require you to do different things e.g. complete "that" dungeon with a key level X. Complete a keyed dungeon with "this" affix. Kill X of monsters in "that" area. Complete X world events. Kill an extremely hard end game boss. Heal yourself or your allies for X (excluding direct healing from health potions). Stagger a boss X times. Or even kill X number of players in PvP.

Mods that support fast clearing would require you to kill more mobs, mods that increase single target dmg would require you to kill bosses, PvP stats would require PvP combat and so on… or not, the "progress affix" could have completely different goals than the transformed affix itself, that would encourage you to create more characters specializing in different playstiles or even create a crafting character that could do all those things but excel in none.

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