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diablo9 - Datamined Necromancer Lore

There are files in Diablo III that indicate that there are a series of lore books related to the necromancer class (similar to the The Crusaders by Abd al-Hazir).

I don't think I have found any necromancer class lore in-game, and it seems strange that no one has covered these on the internet.

Most of the information are merely repetitions of preexisting lore, though some are new. Despite coming from the Diablo III files, the extra lore tidbits might not be canon, and may reflect a creative process at the time they were made that has probably been abandoned by now.

Below are the sound and text of the necromancer lore.

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Lore 1

The Priests of Rathma have many secrets, and those outside our order must never know them. At best, they will not understand, and at worst, they will use what they know to hurt us. People call us necromancers as an insult, and misunderstand our role as keepers of the Balance—for all we do serves a greater purpose.

Lore 2

Our world is caught in a war between two forces—light and darkness. Should either side triumph, we are lost. The light will bring stagnation, and the darkness—ruin. The only desirable outcome is equilibrium between the two, and that is what we Priests of Rathma have sworn to protect.

Lore 3

This knowledge was passed on to us by Rathma himself. The son of Lilith and Inarius, he stood between light and darkness as one of the first nephalem. Mendeln became his apprentice, and later, the founder of the Priests of Rathma.

Lore 4

As you well know, not everyone can become a priest of Rathma—only those who were close to death before they came into the world. It matters not whether it was illness or injury—the infant who survives will have the potential to excel at the dark arts. And those are the ones we seek.


Lore 5

Children who were marked by death must be recruited before they reach the age of ten. People tend to think these children are unsettling or strange, and they are glad to learn more about their gift and how to use it. Sometimes we find them, and sometimes they find us. Afterward, they begin to unlock their true potential.

Lore 6

I wonder if you still remember the first days of your training at the necropolis? I took you as one of my apprentices, and taught you our many particular ways. How easily you forgot your fear of the dark and the jungle, and spent many hours meditating over rotting corpses. You learned to recognize every stage of life and death, and then, you began to learn magic.

Lore 7

Our spells are not so different from other mages except that they pertain to life and death, and we use them to uphold the Balance. To do otherwise is heresy, and that is what distinguishes us from those outside our order. Only in a place of complete calm can we manipulate death itself, and reanimate those who have passed on.

Lore 8

Most of the apprentices in our order will train for decades before they are anointed priests. In this time, their understanding deepens, and they are able to assist their masters on increasingly long journeys. This shall prepare them for the days when they will venture out alone, as true Priests of Rathma.

Lore 9

You must be well into your first independent travels by now. I write to remind you of how far you have come to reach this point. These pages are ensorcelled, and no eyes but yours shall ever behold them. We guard our knowledge fiercely, but it must never be forgotten.

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