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Dear Blizzard, yet another feedback post for the newest Quarterly Update.

diablo14 - Dear Blizzard, yet another feedback post for the newest Quarterly Update.


First off I would like to mention that I highly appreciate that Blizzard is showing that they are actively listening to community feedback.
Now, whether or not that is a good or bad thing, is another case and can be a post in and of it self entirely, however, for the sake of the argument currently, my initial thought is going to be, that, it's a good thing.

Speaking of my thoughts, this post will carry with it, my thoughts about the recent quarterly update and, as I wrote in my last post in response to the Blizzcon reveal, I am no body special, just a very long term fan of the Diablo franchise, so bear with me, this will be a big one :D, please do read it all and I would very much love a constructive discussion on the topics at hand!.


Table of contents:

The Ancestral, Angelic & Demonic Power System
Legendary Items
The New Skill Tree
The New Sorceress Enchantment System
End Game Progression System


The Ancestral, Angelic & Demonic Power System

You are correct in the assessment that many people, including my self, felt that this system wasn't "cool enough".
For me specifically, I wasn't a fan of this as a whole, due to it feeling like you were trying to reinvent the wheel about a basic stat system that already worked, e.g. strength, dexterity, intellect etc.
I still believe this to be the case to some extent and it will be reflected in my response to this, however, I will admit, that the idea of these powers have grown on me since, as they do, in fact, have quite a bit of potential.
Additionally, and for me personally, I don't necessarily mind a system that needs to be bookkept, as long as it doesn't require me to utilize a multitude of third-party websites to keep track of things, and that the thing I need to "book keep" is easily trackable within the game it self.
This goes for all game systems to be honest, Path of Exile is notorious for their third-party community driven websites amongst many other things, and these are borderline required to even play the game, and this has been an increasing annoyance for me in this game (and I've played PoE since 2013).

So for my actual feedback, and there are many ways you can go about solving the problem you presented in the post. Things like visual fidelity & intuitiveness as well as, here's an idea; removing the entire power trio from items as item stats entirely, but rather introduce them in another fashion:
How about; instead of having the Ancestral, Angelic & Demonic Powers being stats on the item, it would instead be as item "imbues", this could then be gated behind the economy as well to promote another layer of player trading.
Imagine a world where you are killing monsters and you, for the lack of a better word, dropped an "Ancestral Token".
The player could bring this Ancestral Token, to some dark altar or shrine and the player would be able to imbue their item of choice with the powers of the ancestors. Maybe it doesn't need to imbue the item, but rather the Item Slot specifically.

This solves the issue of excessive player book keeping and adds an extra layer to the player trade market and if the imbue would rather imbue the Item Slot, this would also remove the wonky situation of having part of your character not work because an item was broken and thus no longer be granting the bonuses.


Legendary Items

When you say things as:

"We agree with the feedback that a character's power is currently too dependent on items"

Where do you base this from? Diablo IV? Diablo 3?. There aren't a whole lot of items in Diablo IV currently, so must be Diablo 3, however, needless to say, this is a good sentence as this is a very specific issue within Diablo 3 indeed.

I like this a lot, Itemization should be impactful and meaningful but shouldn't be the core deciding factor in character power, good step in the right direction.

About the Magic vs Rare item affix ranges, there should most definitely be flavor surrounding items, and item rarity shouldn't necessarily be exempt from this.
Magic items could absolutely have higher affix ranges or even different affix pools compared to other rarity types.

This is a step in the right direction about item relevancy. Every single item rarity should have a relevance in the game across the board and I wrote about this in my previous post within the Runewords section, even white items needs to matter more than just salvaged goods.

I still have a big hope that we will see actual Runewords as well as different but impactful item base types with more than just 3 sockets, but I'm saving that for the next update 😛



The New Skill Tree

Massive step in the right direction, really good work.

There are still room for improvement though and I would personally LOVE to see more depth and complexity within this system, please trust that your players can handle more complex systems than this :D. Right now, the skill tree is way to linear and merely provides an illusion of choice.

I do like that the numbers shown are very small in size, this is a perfect example of when to keep things simplistic. Also to mention; Synergies!, where are they? please consider bringing them back in some form! (I have a suggestion for this at the bottom of this section).

I was watching MrLlama and he had a great idea to go about this… Instead of having just the one skill tree for each class, you should consider making a tree for each specific specialization and or "Mastery" I've heard this a few times on a few streams already and while some people would love a tree like this for every single spell in the game and as cool as that could be, I will agree that this may be a bit over the top.

Ideally I'd prefer a middle ground between what we have been shown now and the Skill Tree of Path of Exile and MrLlama shared a tweet with his iteration of this skill tree and I think this is the way to move forward.

The idea of having a tree for each specialization on every character seems so cool and would provide much more character depth than what currently has been shown and I would assume it would be very fun for you guys to work on as well to be creative with skills. Do some wonky sh*t 😀
Let us make a powerful meteor for single target boss farming or let us make a meteor shower for AoE mob grind purposes, the world is your oyster.

Additionally to carry on the back of the ideas provided by MrLlama and Quinn as well as a few others, I want to add my own pitch.

Considering this is a tree, a literal tree, I want to take a moment to ask you:

What is usually a thing within dark cultures like, witchcraft, voodoo practice etc?:
– Decorated Trees and miscellaneous Ornaments.

What do we already have that we could possibly decorate this tree with?:
– Runes, Charms, Jewels, Gems, Tokens etc.

Imagine if we could socket these things into our skill trees for additional benefits… you could have runes be embedded into the stem and the rest could hang from the branches.

What if these additional benefits could create targetable new branches between notables or drastically change how the core mechanic of a skill functioned, or add never before seen synergies to your skills and character?
Maybe even these could provide cross mastery skill tree synergies?:

I mentioned changing a meteor from single target boss killer to AoE mob grinder, what if these ornaments could transform this meteor from Fire to Cold and now it's an area control ability that freezes mobs around you.. Be bold, daring and creative, don't be afraid to make mistakes, take chances, the players will love and hate you for it, but most importantly, as shown from the community within Path of Exile, they will ultimately respect you more.


The New Sorceress Enchantment System

Yes, yes and YES!

Very very good, I like everything about this idea of having each class being unique in their own way, go absolutely full send in this direction, assuming you will provide this feature to every single class available in the game.
I can't really add much other than my initial reaction to this because I want to see more.



End Game Progression System

I am a bit conflicted on this, mainly due to the fact that I've seen first hand what abomination the Paragon system is, so naturally I just noped right out from this idea entirely, however, if you can make something that isn't Paragon, but provide what you mentioned, then I am open minded.

I fully agree with "Easy to learn, Difficult to master". Full send on this as well.


In closing

To anyone who have read this entire Wall of Text, thank you.

I will try and see if I can make a TLDR and add it here at the bottom, but knowing my self, I probably won't xD as my TLDR's are basically already this entire post.

Thank you for the update and I am looking forward to the itemization update in December 😉

Kindest Regards

A long term fan.

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