Diablo 3

December Itemisation update feedback

diablo4 - December Itemisation update feedback

Current itemisation iteration is a huge improvement, but there could be some things that would improve item type distinctions while improving options for deliberate choices when creating builds.

First of all defence and attack numbers should be either removed or divided at least by 10 capping at hundreds in highest level, to make affixes and character build more meaningful with more viable choices while avoiding base stat power creeping.

Some spells in addition to their elemental affinities could also inherit physical damage type effects improving on damage type fantasy.

Critical hit chance and rate affixes should be very limited to specific types of attacks and should cap at reasonable %, because it is a slippery slope and very quickly it can become a mandatory stat.

Physical attack types:

Blunt: 1h/2h Maces, 2h Staff, Meteor Spells (affixes ignore armour % and +% stun chance)

Slash: Scimitars, rounded blades, Elemental blade spells (affixes +% bleed)

Pierce: Dagger, Spear and Pointy projectile spells (affixes +% critical hit chance or rate)

Blunt/Slash: 1h/2h Axe (can have combination with decreased values or one of weapon type affixes)

Slash/Pierce: 1h/2h sword, Scythe (can have combination with decreased values or one of weapon type affixes)

Pierce/Blunt: Maybe limited some very specific weapons and spells? (can have combination with decreased values or one of weapon type affixes)

Magical elements:

Fire: apply short lasting damage over time burn stacking up to incineration blast burst effect that deals a lot of damage and removes burn

Ice: chill stacking up to freeze effect making enemy brittle, lowering their armour and stopping them in place.

Lightning: high rate of stun chance that is very short, but great for interrupting long and powerful attacks.

Earth: Stable and long lasting poison damage over time as well as rooting/slowing enemies.

Item type specific Affixes:

Affixes with very specific use cases, such as concentrating on killing elite monsters should be limited to unique items.


Boots should be the only gear apart from unique items that can have +% run speed affix. It should be also capped at around 15% with the exception of uniques. Boots should also have a high chance of rolling chill, freeze, slow and rooting effect resistances.

Gloves should be the only armour apart from unique armour that can have +% attack speed affix. It should be also capped at around +15% with the exception of uniques. Attack speed needs to be named specifically as an attack per second (foe example 1,2 attacks on 1h weapons and 0.6 attack per second for 2h)

Helmets should be the only gear apart from unique items that can have stun resistance.

Shields should name exact block chance in percentage.

Amulets should only improve attack or defence through affixes and should not have base defence or attack at all.

Basic Prefixes that can be rolled universally through all items:

+ Strength

+ Dexterity

+ Intelligence

+ Willpower

+ Life

+ Stun recovery

Basic Suffixes that can be rolled universally through all items:

+ % elemental resistances on armour or damage on weapon

+ % Item found rarity increase

+ % life regeneration

open socket

Spell procs

Rare, Unique and Legendary would introduce more advanced and specific affixes while still including base pool affixes as an option to roll a second time (for example capping at two affixes max that can give +Strength)

Of course all of this should be expanded, it's just a base skeleton.

Current examples of Legendary items is still absolutely dwarfing magic and rare items, so for example limiting as essential stat as run speed affix on boots for magic 15%, rares 12% and Legendary to 10% would feel like a more interesting, meaningful and fair choice to consider.

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