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Detailed WD Feedback 2.0

diablo8 - Detailed WD Feedback 2.0

Hello Here is my WD Feedback after the lastest PTR patch.

Helltooth Zombie Charger:


  • Still our GREATEST PROBLEM in this build the Zombie Bear collision. Like in my last Feedback post.
  • (Zombie Bears Collision: If you stay too close to walls, cliffs or any kind of object with collision it often causes the bears to spawn stuck inside the wall and makes them unable to hit enemies. This makes the Build unplayable on a lot of maps especially caves, bastion’s keep or ruins of corvus.)
  • Grin Reaper: The Mimics still dont benefit from RoE. They do benefit from the multiplier on the new Mojo, but they dont benefit from the "more Bears" affix. So compared to your own DMG they are now even worse. This is also the reason I stopped using Grin Reaper in my tests now. (Seems like the Devs dont want us to combine Grin Reaper with this build.)
  • Toughness Problems: In my last post I didnt mention this huge toughness problem, because I didnt noticed it on the low Grift Level that this build could only play on, but now that we got a huge DMG boost of about 12 GR levels (1+(1*1,5)*2,66 times more bears = 6,65 times more DMG ~ 12 GR Levels) I noticed that the toughness is really horrible for all melee WD builds. Builds like Spirit Barrage or Jade WD can just dodge most of the stuff so they dont need huge toughness, but something like Zombie Charger, were you always need to stay inside the monster pull and cast your bears you need a lot more toughness and healing.
  • DMG Problems: The DMG output of this build is still very weak compared to for example Mundunugu Spirit Barrage WD. So either the Scrimshaw or the new Mojo need a higher DMG multiplier.

My Tests:


  • PLEASE fix Zombie Bear Collision (disable all collision for Zombie Bears)
  • Give us an extra toughness Items for bears or for WD in general (maybe add Zombie bears to "Coils of the first spider" and buff the DMG reduction to 50-60%. This would buff the healing and toughness of this build and also give FIrebats a bit of an toughness boost.)
  • Fix Grin Reaper Mimics (RoE DMG boost, new mojo legendary affix "more bears")
  • Buff DMG of this build by increasing the DMG multplier of either the Scrimshaw or the new mojo by at least 10-15 GR Levels (4,8-10,5 times more DMG).

Arachyr Angry Chicken:

As mentioned in the patch notes this build was optimized for clearing t16, so I dont think the Devs want us to build an reallly efficent speed Grift build out of this. So my Feedback focuses only on t16 now.


  • Killspeed: The new added Affix to the Manajumas Set bonus is very weak in terms of killspeed compared to other WD build or other classes. The Chickens dont have an big enough explosion radius to really kill trash fast enough while moving.
  • Chicken spawn fequency: If you play your t16 build with full movementspeed you run past most enemies without spawning a chicken to kill them.

My Tests:

Speed t16:

  • Time: Average 2-3min runs (not really a difference to my t16 times before the patch)
  • Paragon: 1200 (PTR Season)
  • Gear: Most Ancients and no Augments
  • Build: https://ptr.d3planner.com/170854574
  • Video:


  • increase the little Chicken explosion radius (maybe also your own) or spawn more Chickens at once
  • increase the spawn frequency of the little Chickens

My personal Solution

I personally think the little Chickens are a funny idea, but I would rather prefer a build that combines the DMG of the Chicken explosion and Locust Swarm DMG. This build would also have an much higher killspeed and also would be a really good t16 build compared to other classes. (Right now WD is still one of the worst classes for t16)

  • BEST SOLUTION: Delete little chickens and just add 200-300% more locust swarm dmg to wormwood or to manajumas bonus while in chicken form

Thank you very much for reading my Feedback I hope we can see a few more changes for WD for S22.

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