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Details I noticed in the Rogue B-roll footage

diablo10 - Details I noticed in the Rogue B-roll footage

Some stuff isn't exactly new, but it might be for some people. Listed in no particular order. Youtube Link –

or you can download if for yourself from https://blizzard.gamespress.com/Diablo-IV-BlizzConline-Press-Kit

  • Dust flies around when you open a door – 0:11
  • Arrows remain impaled on corpses
  • Fallen Overseers lick their swords to make them catch on fire – 01:08
  • Rogue's skill icon color changes depending on the Imbue they use
  • When a skill is on cooldown it reverts back to the stained glass art in a cool way
  • I noticed either a legendary power or a skill passive – the Rogue was leaving shadows of herself that attacked enemies – 6:18
  • No water reflection observed in this build from 3:44 – 4:50
  • Fallen spawning out of nowhere and T-posing at the edge of the screen – 02:00
  • Plague Maggots dying without death animation – 4:23
  • Rogue throwing what is probably Smoke Bomb (or similarly called skill) which 'Pacified' a Fallen Shaman. Also worked on the Elites – 1:24
  • Voice chat is integrated in the game at the moment – 6:39
  • The left mouse button skill made arrows bounce off of walls and maybe had a % to knockback (this might have also been awarded by an item) – 2:24
  • The Rogue's resource is called Energy in the video. Skills also gray out if you don't have enough Energy to cast them – 4:36
  • Unconfirmed: Shadow Imbue made the left mouse click skill to explode on impact with enemies – 02:12
  • Arrows also stick to the ground for a few seconds before they disappear
  • The cooldown of Shadow Realm was triggered once the effect ended – 3:07
  • You get a new skill bar once you mount (3 slots available in the demo, 1 of which was locked) – 4:46
  • Zones in the video: Garan Hold, Garan Brae, Scosglen Bluffs, Scosglen Hills, Khotun's Reach, Vault of the Forgotten: Level 1
  • Fallens carried different weapons – Sword, Club, Sword + Shield
  • I think herbs are showing up on the ground and on the minimap – 6:02
  • Day/Night indicator is present on the minimap
  • There seems to be a filter that prioritizes displaying Elite names over regular monsters, unless too close or damaged. Nice for trimming down excessive UI clutter. – 0:37
  • The Elite affixes are also displayed in a chat or a combat log in the right corner: Poison Enchanted, Electric Lance (Similar to D3's Arcane Enchanted), Mortar, Summoner
  • Potions heal over time. The cooldown was 17 seconds, which make think it was affected by item bonuses – 1:21
  • Quests/Objectives: Destroy the Fallen Idols: 3 left; (PH) Cleanse Shards of Hatred at an alter to turn them into currency; Dusk on the Mountain – Seek shelter in the village of Nevesk
  • Text color coding – White, Yellow, Light Blue
  • Immobile turtle critters – 4:31
  • Upon climbing and traversing the terrain the Rogue gained Impetus buff (place holder D3 Barb Furious Charge icon), I'm guessing it increases movement speed – 5:12
  • Monsters die on the spot for the most part and do not fly off screens away like in D3, making me think that enemy corpses might have a gameplay purpose in some way

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