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DH leveling, difference between Bow and Crossbow / Impale and Fan of Knives

diablo14 - DH leveling, difference between Bow and Crossbow / Impale and Fan of Knives


I haven't played much DH, so I decided to do some testing, as I plan to start next season with DH.

I removed everything that affects my damage, and crafted a low level bow and crossbow that were as close to the same dps as possible, and went to spam a Zombie that doesn't self heal (so I could check the health differences) and couldn't damage me through my regen.

If you plan on leveling with Massacre bonus, melee weapon is not a good option, because Hungering Arrow feels SUPER good at keeping the stacks.


Crossbow is quite a lot better at leveling than a bow. I was surprised how big the difference is, because bows almost always shows "more damage", mainly because of the speed.

Impale vs. Fan:

Massacre: Fan of Knives is better at leveling than Impale, unless you are lucky and get HPS (Holy Point Shot) Quiver at lvl 31, which you should save your shards on, especially if you happen to start the season with Karlei's.

Rifts: Impale is at least more fun than Fan of Knives, if not also better, depending on maps

Basically Fan of Knives deals 400% damage per second in the background even if you're dodging around, pulling a mob behind you with hungering arrow or just grouping up enemies. Also when you decide to use all that damage, it does a big AoE.

Impale does 375% damage, and only when you have time to attack, which is usually not more than one attack per second, if that. Also the damage isn't as big AoE, it just impales.

Impale does more damage to less targets, and the amount of targets is why I prefer Fan of Knives.

Here are some numbers I got (all numbers are without HPS Quiver):

Basic attack, 20 Evasive Fires, hold button down


Damage: 43 003

Time: 17,77s

dmg/sec: 2420


Damage: 38 401

Time: 13,64

dmg/sec: 2815


Difference: 4602 (crossbow)

Difference/s: 395 (bow)


20 unbuffed impales


Damage: 142 903


Damage: 107 184

Diff: 35 719 (crossbow)


20 unbuffed fans


Damage: 100 929


Damage: 75 687

Diff: 25 242 (crossbow)


10 buffed impale


Damage: 263 780


Damage: 201 030

Diff: 62 750 (crossbow)


1 buffed 10sec fan


Damage: 167 400


Damage: 119 170

Diff: 48 230 (crossbow)


Buffed Impale, hold button down 30 sec


Damage: 978 240

dmg/sec: 32 608


Damage: 1 028 849

dmg/sec: 34 295

Diff: 50 609 (bow)

Diff/s: 1687 (bow)


4x 10sec Fan (30 sec)


Damage: 650 837

dmg/sec: 21 696


Damage: 541 523

dmg/sec: 18 051

Diff: 109 314 (crossbow)

Diff/s: 3644 (crossbow)

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