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DH to 70 but not in love

diablo8 - DH to 70 but not in love

I'm trying to figure out my way through Seasons and the Adventure mode, both of which are new to me as I'm recently returned. I've asked a couple of questions and you all have been helpful, so here I am again. 🙂

Next season a friend and I plan to try to duo the entire thing, as I'm stuck on chapter III and doubt I can finish the quests solo.

I feel like the DH is a glass cannon, which is fine. However, I don't seem to be getting new legendary drops, regardless of how high I set the level. I don't have very good gear on her and the best I can do is Torment Level 4 right now.

I'm feeling a little frustrated because I feel, also, that gear is probably super important to this class, because of the whole "lots of damage, not much armor" play style of the class.


My gaming partner will most likely run a crusader or a barbarian, which left me thinking about wizard or monk, maybe? I am wondering whether either of those will feel less "flash in the pan" than the DH does, and if either is a little more forgiving about gear?

Lastly, is it worthwhile to try to get a PL for either or both classes to see if I will actually enjoy them at 70, or do you think it'd better to sink in the time to level them solo and learn the class?

TL/DR: Wondering if I should look for PL for two classes I'm considering for next Season or level them slowly. Also wondering if Monk or Wizard are less gear dependent than the DH.

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