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Following my previous post…

I got a lot of requests on how to play Diablo 1 on your mobile phone.

Explanation :

Diablo 1 was featured on the first PlayStation console. This version has unique features compared to the original..Coop and in-town running

What you have to do is just download a PlayStation emulator and download the ROM for Diablo 1. Launch the emulator and point it to the file.

The cool thing about these emulators are save states.. They're compatible with sleep mode… The suspend in the background and they take almost no battery life.

A great full fledged mobile Diablo experience for the mature family with no MTX!

Emulator : http://epsxe.com/android/


You can get this off of the Google Play store for free.

ROM : https://m.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_ISOs/Diablo_/36770

Edited ROM Link :


Enjoy! You may have to alter controls to suit your liking.

Edit : Updated the ROM Link since EMUParadise is R. I. P.


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