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Diablo 1 Questions-Different Maps Multiplayer? And Butcher.

diablo2 - Diablo 1 Questions-Different Maps Multiplayer? And Butcher.

Hey Everyone!

My friends and I played Diablo 1 last night together on multiplayer for the first time. None of us actually have experience with Diablo 1, so it was a pretty fun new experience for us.

We were having trouble getting started though. For some reason, we couldn't get into the same game, for whatever reason. It just wasn't working, and we kept trying and trying. We asked the chat, and someone said "Hey, join my game!" And so we did, and we were able to get in. Then they left to leave us to our game together. Thanks mystery user! (I forgot their username…) Now, I'm not sure what difficult setting that player set for us, as the player was a high level they could enter in Normal, Nightmare or Hell difficulties. We definitely couldn't beat the butcher. (more on that later). But we actually gave up (for now) cause it was getting late anyway, and we didn't look like we were going to beat him. We wondered if maybe it was on a harder level, like nightmare, rather than normal.

I just decided to test it and make a new game quick with my friend to see if there was a difference. And in the new game, the map in the Cathedral was different. The staircase down to level one led to a different place.


In the first game where we were invited, when we went down into the Cathedral, there was a wide open space, and the staircase down to level two was right to the left (north). BUT in the the new game that we made, it wasn't that space, it was more of a short corridor leading to more rooms, and the staircase down to level two was no where to be seen. Can anyone explain this? Is that normal?

There were four of us in the invited game (until the person who invited us left) and the second time was just me and one other friend. Maybe that makes a difference too?

My second question is about the butcher… He's one tough mofo, and we got destroyed over and over. And we'd try to trap him somewhere by running and trying to find a door or something, although I was able to outrun him for awhile in a straight line, eventually he caught up because of my changing direction. And once I get hit, it's hard to escape as it prevented me from running. We left the cathedral and came back so many times. My question is, does the butcher's health rejuvenate when we leave? Or does it rejuvenate if we all die? Or does it remain the where we left it no matter if we left or if we died?

Thank you! Can't wait to get back in the game!

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