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Diablo 2 1.00 Hell difficulty questions/build ideas feedback

diablo2 - Diablo 2 1.00 Hell difficulty questions/build ideas feedback

Hi, I could use some help from people who remember the 1.00 version of D2 well. MrLlama's playthrough has made me desire to experience the original Hell difficulty, so I need to know what works and what doesn't. I have a lot of question about the game and I'm also including a list of my ideas for possibly useful skills below, of which I'd like to hear feedback, because it's been based either on my experiences from 20 years ago (which admittedly could be hazy nowadays), or simply by my guess, based on how certain skills work). I'm not currently sure which character to pick, although I probably won't play Paladin, so it's not included in my list of ideas. I'll welcome any feedback as well as your own ideas and info to the peculiarities of the vanilla version. I know there's many.

  • Amazon I've seen MrLlamaSc go with Multishot, of which I personally wasn't all too impressed. Not sure about Strafe, but I guess not much better considering the bows mostly suck. Freezing Arrow is out of question due to mana requirements I guess (or is it less mana intensive?). Idk about Immolation Arrow because from what I remember back in the day the damage is rather low. I suppose Valkyrie is nice, in order to have at least one companion and I guess Decoy will be a cool addition too. Investing into Dodge/Avoid/Evade brings up a rather important question: how does chance to block work in the vanilla? Does it increase with more dex? If not, than these three will probably be a no-brainer. Iavelin/Spears are what interests me the most. Because considering how Charged Strike works, it makes me think it would probably be a killer in Vanilla as well. Same for Lightning Fury, altough I'm well aware the javelins are not repairable. The main question is are they actually buyable? After 20 years, my memory is hazy but somehow I don't seem to remember seeing them in shops.

  • Necromancer I've heard a lot of the Blood Golem/Iron Maiden combo, but I do remember the nerfs in Nightmare and Hell difficulties are the thing in Vanilla too. Do they still remain useful? As for other skills, yeah Corpse Explosion with huge radius will probably require just a few points and I heard Curses should work the same (i.e. high level Dim Vision should probably still be the OP shit). Not sure about the strength of Bone Spear/Spirit. I remember all too well the vanilla Skeletons 😀 So far the only viable option from summon tree seems to me the Blood Golem and perhaps Revives, although I have to question their viability, considering the monsters are slower and dumber…

  • Barbarian From what I've heard this guy is all about Whirlwind. Warcries should work the same for the most part. How strong is War Cry itself stun-wise though? Whirlwind could be dangerous sometimes. Also does it prevent the potions from being used in 1.00 during animation? Not much more to this guy I guess… Berserk is likely not worth it… or is it?

  • Sorceress I've actually finished Normal with her so for the most part I know what works. Namely Frozen Orb with no cooldown. The main problem will be mana. I did have Frostburn back in the day, hopefully can find them again. FO with Cold mastery should probably be enough, altough it will require saving points in order to get both to max in a reasonable time (I remember glacial spike being pretty good so it might carry me through 18-30 level). Actually I'm not sure how Cold Mastery works in 1.00. Does it lower the enemy resistances or increase the damage directly? Also does Static Field have the Nightmare and Hell nerfs?

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