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So, to the best of my understanding…

-Any% Speedruns in Diablo 2 LOD simply means Kill Baal (The Only Requirement).

-100% Means all Quests, and All Act Bosses.

I remember Diablo 2 Having another 1 or 2 more "Picky" Categories, But cannot seem to find record of this old novelty run anywhere. I am "A soul in search of answers" (NPC Script Reference, sorry, had to)…

  1. Was the old 200% Run, and the old OCD% Run the same thing? or two separate runs?
  2. If they were the same (Act Bosses, Quests, and WayPoints), did it include killing the Cow King?
  3. If they were separate Categories Did the the 200% Just contain Act Bosses, Quests, and WayPoints; While the OCD% contained "All of the 200% Plus Cow King", or "All of 200% Plus Cows *AND* Ubers"?

Would be a lot easier to track down if I knew all of the facts, any help would be greatly appreciated. (did the OCD% Possibly change names and become obscure due to the "potential Offensiveness" of it's name?).

If it is not possible to track down these old runs/records, how feasible would it be to create a forum dedicated to these, or get these added to an existing forum/site/community?


If the old Runs/Record/Rules cannot be found, is it allowable to Re-Write/Re-Establish a new rule set for them? (Would laugh if Plausible Template matches the old rules).

Plausible new Run Template as follows…

200% = All Act Bosses, Quests, and WayPoints.

OCD%= All Act Bosses, Quests, WayPoints, Kill Cow King (Edit- "And Ubers?" Opinions and/or Proof of rulesets both welcome).

Note: With the amount of RNG existing in Diablo 2 LOD, I wouldn't want to "Require" Ubers, but if someone does find the old ruleset, and can provide a link, and the old link "Requires" Ubers I'd obviously include it in OCD%. Alternatively if an overwhelming majority of the original community required it or preferred it, I'd obviously Include it in OCD%.

Edit- On second thought, Considering that the killing of the Cow King doesn't add that much, Perhaps it is possible that the OCD run did originally contain Ubers {In Hell Difficulty Segment only obviously} so I think I'd have to include it if we needed to recreate this ages-old category.

TLDR Version: Searching for "An Ancient Manuscript" Describing Rulesets to Revive an old Speedrunning Category. If it cannot be found, I'd like to Recreate these categories as accurately as possible. (These are rather Far-Fetched Endurance Runs, but they have been accomplished before, and hopefully will be again).

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