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Got message earlier today that got me thinking about the different UE builds. Interested in some public brainstorming on the subject. Define the give and takes of different builds. As far as I'm aware, the two best builds are fire rune and broadside rune multishot. That info might be out of date.

If you want to comment on a build just type "1." Or "2." Before your reply so we don't get confused.

-+-+-+-+-+- https://www.diablofans.com/builds/89572-s15-gr95-fire-multishot

  1. Fire rune multishot can use cindercoat or magefist. You also go for the rocket damage passives improving fire rune vengeance damage. Your priority is to only dps during the fire cycle window of COE. So do you take focus restraint with hellfire amulet? Endless walk set with elusive ring or Stone of Jordan? What 5 passives are best?

-+-+-+-+-+- https://www.diablofans.com/builds/99080-ue-multishot-gr110-season-14

  1. Full broadside rune multishot allows you to focus on attack speed? I'm not sure I don't play this build. I guess you could roll physical damage by switching to barbarian for your bracer enchant. You don't need cindercoat so you could use pride's fall. You don't use COE I think (does it have physical for dh?) So focus restraint is your best option. Meaning you get hellfire amulet. So what 5 passives are best? And what Amulet/ ring goes in your cube, rorg with visage of gunes helmet or pride's fall armor slot with elusive ring?

-+-+-+-+-+- https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/demon-hunter-unhallowed-essence-grenades-build-patch-2-6-1-season-15

  1. Grenades build with fire rune lets you use Dawn main hand and fortress ballista. This is my favorite build I put together when I got my first primal Dawn. It centers around pain enhancer and simplicity strength legendary gems. Im not sure how good it is since I've focused on wizard/Necro last few seasons. But what kind of setups could you run with this?

-+-+-+-+-+-+- https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100518-2-6-1-wind-chill-multishot-t13-speeds

  1. Wind chill rune multishot seems like the worst choice by far. You can forgo the passive thrill of the hunt but there are not many other passives I'm interested in. Yes you can get tactical advantage with a clean conscious so I guess it's better for speeds but it almost makes me want to use iceblink. But I'd never use ice blink over zeis, trapped, or stricken/powerful. I'd love to use my primal frostburn in a build like this and put another stat on bracers depending what rolls would be optimal since they'll get me the %element damage for coe. But still I bet it's just not worth when compared to build 1. And 2. Plus even with frostburn you're just doubling up the diminishing returns because zeis is already stunning.
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– Other thoughts:

-Are there any other options for UE?

-Cloak of garwulf would be fun if it multiplied damage of wolves to 45% but it doesnt.

-Magefist seems like a downgraded frostburn but fire works better than cold damage.

-Oculus on follower feels useless because you stay a million miles away to maximize damage from set, stand alone passive, and zeis 30+ yards requirement. So what other rings should the follower use?

-How important is witching hour when string of ears will save you(from ghosts and the like)? How much can string of ears actually do when you're just gonna die to a frozen orb spawning on you anyways.

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