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Diablo 3 Progression System

diablo3 - Diablo 3 Progression System

One of the biggest issues with D3 right now is that leveling is extremely boring, no one really enjoys the experience of grinding to 70 except if you do it with some friends and still is not great. The other issue is that thanks to smart loot and Haedrig's gift, becoming ultra powerful it's just a matter of hours even minutes and what happens is that you are done with the season maybe in 3 to 7 days. The problem we encounter is that the game has become either too casual or an excessive grind, which is not fun since it's a repetitive process. How would you guys feel if we had another mode, let's call it classic, where smart loot would not exist and getting the sets would be the ultimate goal (since they have become the endgame builds, something that I personally don't like, but well). It would also be nice if a lot of the useless legendaries became somehow useful. And also removing or nerfing Kadala since she is more OP than a Shako. I don't think this option would require any investment whatsoever for Activision Blizzard Netease. Right now D3 is an enjoyable game, it's a decent game and it could be even more, I know most probably it will go soon into maintenance mode but if they make this changes, it will be by far a more enjoyable arpg game, still not a Diablo game.


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