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Before You all start freaking out, let me point out, that I do not wish that anything should be deleted. Instead, We should have NS (non-seasonal) transfered to legacy (at least before season 21, but I'd prefer before 8th anniversary. Here is some of my insight, generated in 7+ years.

TLDR: Diablo 3 needs some polishing and we all know that. (I do not care too much, what would be the result of my thread (ofc it will drown in 3 dislikes and die)). 

  • Paragon level should be reworked to be more of a helper, not the game defining thing.
  1. Skill boost with even greater diminishing returns than 1 point = 1% damage (even though it disgustingly depends on the gear right now.
  • 1 (one) point = 1%, 100 points = 10%, 1000 points = 50%, 5000 points = 100% (1 (one) main spell/skill damage increase)
  • Simillar thing should be done with Legendary Gem augments (5-10%), 3 bonus augments (items) max per gear setup for 1 skill/spell, up to 4 skills)/spells.

  1. Legendary gems should be nerfed. Here's why:
  • Time sink should be about having fun, not grinding gems for various (???) reasons.
  • Legendary gems are OP and we all know it (just try to imagine 50% nerf, but You remain having more purpose in life)
  • I don't care that Diablo 4 is in the works.
  1. Gear (legendary and set) bonuses should be nerfed:
  • Set bonus accordingly (50% to 200%).
  • Specific build legendaries (50-500%).
  • Damage resist (reduction) by 200%+.

  1. Greater rifts should be punishing, not overly rewarding with xp, if you die flying through it.
  • 1 lvl of rift = 50% damage taken increase/XP by 20%/drops by 5-10%.
  • Trials should be brought back and we should have a choice of setting rift keys to any level we want after getting to certain lvl e.g. You get to GR 20 and You can choose the rift lvl, but Your friend has to do this solo himself (this will make players from getting boosted in GRs).
  1. Monster skills (this will make You downvote even more).
  • Vortex range should be nerfed by 30-50%.
  • Jailer slows (50%) (even if you escape in any way for 5 seconds for 40% MS (movement speed), but deals no damage.
  • Arcane sentry immobilizes for 0.5 (0.01 increase with every collision (60fps)), but deals 80% less damage.
  • All fire/physical spells deal 80% less damage, but decreases armor by 40% for 3 seconds after being hit (desecrator, reflect, fire chains).
  • Frozen slows instantly and freezes you after standing in it for 3 seconds, but it covers the whole screen. e.g. 1500×1500 for every player, but deals no damage.
  • Frozen pulse should only slow, but by 80% at all times for 3s.
  • Wormhole teleports You 3 times in 2 seconds, but You take 70% less damage overall.

Lightning skills/spells are annyoing, so either remove them entirely, or make thunderstorm a stackable damage decrease (5%) per hit for 5-10 seconds (1 – 5s, 2 – 6s, 3 – 7s, 4 – 8s, 5 – 10s). Lightning enchanted is dated and should be removed from the game. Any thoughts why (Rakanishu in StonyField before LoD)?.

  1. Monsters and bosses. Will not be covering unique spells/stats/affixes/skills. (Yes, I did not study them)
  • Juggernaut loses immunity while crowd controlled for 5 seconds, but gains 50% damage for 3 seconds right after.
  • Avenger takes 20% more damage per dead pack monster, but gets 50% more current health (can be manipulated).
  • Health link loses 1% health per second and heals 0.1% per player hit. When 1 of pack monsters die, they deal damage equal to 10% of Your max hp and the rest heal for 10% of their health.
  • Horde :
  1. Remove the affix
  2. Kill the pack leader after the weak ones die
  3. decrease max hp of all other pack monsters by 5% with every dead monsters.
  • Molten should kill You instantly and decrease armor durability by 5% and should be removed from Hardcore.
  • Waller, Fast, Knockback, Ilusionist, Nightmarish and Orbiter are pretty wel balanced and should be respected (I don't care if You can't stand Orbiters).
  • And of course, Plagued and poison enchanted:
  1. Slows by 20%
  2. Deals increasing dot damage (1-10%) per second for 9 seconds. The debuff is removed if pack is dead.

Do you agree, that SHIELDING is nonsense? Thank You.

  • Gold drop should be decreased by 200%
  • Torment difficulty should be 1-4, instead of 1-16 (MAYBE 1-10, when we all get primals with max augments in 5 more years). (Sorry, I'm tired, because doing this all in 1 sitting (yes, I'm making excuses))
  • Kadala should retire.
  • Cube should stay as it is with a few tweaks, but everything stated above would mostly fix it anyway.
  • Covetous Shen is a nice guy, but his gems suck and clas gems need some real polishing (next time, next thread)
  • Shops should get some love.
  • Myriam is a nice woman, but we need to give her more power
  1. You can decrease the level of randomness by paying her shit loads of gems and gold.
  2. Transmogs require too much time to be reworked. Leave them be
  3. More dyes pls?

This would be enough for at least 3 months for PTR for us.

If this gets -50 in votes, i'll rethink my posibilities of playing Diablo 3 and switching to WoW Classic instead (or just a PTS).

  • I am an attention W.
  • Only 1500 hours~ of D3 played
  • D3 is a ginger child of Blizzard and does not get treated well
  • This actually was a rant.
  • Identifying items on pick up would be awesome. Cain is dead.

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