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So, I'm one of those that bought and played D3 when it first came out. I was unhappy, like many others at release and I probably played 2-3 weeks and then quit. I came back to D3 when the expansion came out and while the game was much improved, I probably played 2-3 months tops and was effectively bored.

Now comes the Necromancer. I went ahead and bought the 14.99 add and have quickly realized just how generic this game became. I'm through perhaps 4 hours in maybe 8 sessions with the Necro and I'm just as bored as I was with other character classes in this game.


While D3 is by no means a bad game now, if I was gauging the success of a game by how many hours I put into it….D2 wins a thousand times over. I'm only in ACT 2 with the Necro, and I'm done. It just doesn't have my interest anymore. I never did like the way they created skills and such. Really lacks the ability of creating a unique character with a special skill set.

This is probably why I was even more disappointed by the announcement at Blizzcon. I was really hoping they were working on something better. D1 was awesome, D2 topped that, and then D3 was a step backward.

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