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Diablo 3 Switch Resource Exploit & Modded Saves on Season

diablo8 - Diablo 3 Switch Resource Exploit & Modded Saves on Season

I know ps4 & Xbox versions are rappant with not only save scumming upgrades to save on resources, but also modded items. I thought the Switch version was safe because you can't just close out of game to return to a state before you spent the resources like you can on other consoles. If you normally close out of the app the game saves after you use resources so you can simply close game and reload to get back items. Also, it's not as easy to rip saves unto an external device like Xbox and ps4 with a thumb drive. Nintendo doesn't allow you rip saves from SD card. You can do it with CFW and then load it in a save editor, but last I heard you couldn't do it for a seasonal character because you would need to go online and that would risk you getting banned by Nintendo.


So, I'm a bit surprised to hear that these things are still possible. Fortunately, doesn't seem to be as bad as other consoles where top 200 are people in full primals with stats beyond what they can be. I have noticed a few every now and then unless they are just smart and not make it so obvious by only giving themselves a few primals and keeping stats in normal ranges.

Still doesn't explain how people are save scumming for ancients/primals on switch since it needs you to be online when logging in and saves after each craft.

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