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Diablo 3 this S20-S22 has given me the full Diablo 2 experience and I don’t mean it as a good thing

diablo18 - Diablo 3 this S20-S22 has given me the full Diablo 2 experience and I don't mean it as a good thing

TL;DR at bottom

See, when I was a younger, the flavor and playstyle of the Assassin was my favorite. I loved the concept of charging up stuff then releasing it with a powerful finisher. I also loved the dual-claw and speed aesthetics. Dragon Claw and Dragon Talon were dope since I loved physical stuff. Even I didn't like to use Phoenix Strike since it felt really off (why would I need magical attacks?). But come Hell, the Assassin would really suck because Attack Rating and Defense are dumb. Even using Dragon Tail (fire) was hard.

So you'd have to make a Trapsin where you spam sentries and become a dollar-store Lighting Sorc. Boring.

So when Diablo III came out, I immediately fell in love with the Monk even though the roguish themes were taken by the DH. "Martial Arts is back baby! It has the Pally's auras too!"

But damn, Seasons 20-22 have made me one really sad customer especially because of the Patterns of Justice set.

I hate POJ. It's dumb and boring and if I wanted to play a WW Barb, I'd make one (I probably won't). Add to this how clunky and buggy Shenlongs are (why won't it proc sometimes?), I'd drop it in a heartbeat if other builds were competitive.

Given my love for the martial arts playstyle, my favorite sets are Raiment and Uliana. I've used Uliana so many times in so many Seasons that I've said to myself, "You know what? Maybe I'll try to push with Inna Raiment + Shenlong this Season 22. Inna got buffed, Shenlong got buffed, and we have a new cube slot!"

My Season goal was to push this to the limit before Cyberpunk 2077 came out.

I fell flat on GR 113 (if I fished, I'd probably get ~115).

Boy was I so disappointed. I had godly Inna Raiment gear. I augmented 10/13 to 100 and had 1400 Paragon. Shenlongs rolled IAS and AD on both and had high DPS. My COMPASS ROSE WAS ALSO TRIFECTA—a first!

But it had survivability issues (no 50% damage reduction when Sweeping Wind is active). I had to swap out my Depth Diggers (fourth slot) for Lefebvre's and I had to remove CoE for Unity. (So much for trying to be OP because of S22!)


I would shred Rift Guardians eventually due to Stricken but regular rift mobs sucked.

I landed rank 741 with my Inna Raiment Generator. I was so disapponted. It was so weak. R6 would have performed poorer since it only provides a 6000% bonus unlike Inna's 9500%. Sure Crimson's adds another ~60% but you'd be far less tanky.

I only returned to play this Season because I thought the new slot and buffs would bring back the Generator Monk.

My curiosity struck me so I put on my Speed POJ set up and made a push variant. I swapped to my non-augmented, low level Taeguk, and un-optimized gear with lame Istvan's.

I easily got to 119 and landed Rank 179 (I should be in the leaderboards until the end no?). Yes I understand POJ can cube Balance and WKL this Season but even in Season 21 it outclassed Raiment/Uliana.

I'm done for the Season and will happily wait for Cyberpunk 2077.

I'd probably come back again if the Season's theme is build-based again (like free RoRG, 4th slot etc.) and not ass like Season 21.

So Blizzard my plea is, please buff/make Raiment viable and competitive—truly bring back the Martial Arts aspect of the Monk. And do some heavy balancing. Do you see the numbers on the POJ's 6pc bonus and damage reduction, Balance's effect, WKL's %, and Caesar's? Good lord. I also loathe dropping fire bells!

TL;DR: Loved Assassin in D2, was dejected to see MA builds not be as viable as making a Trapsin (an out-of-flavor magic build/discount lightning sorc). I am now seeing the same thing happening with Uliana and Raiment because of the POJ set which is so boring to play and is just a Whirlwind variant or the SWK Fire bells build for speed rifts/bounties. Please rebalance things Blizzard and make Generator Monks powerful again.

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